Rep. Bustos(D-IL) Attacks GOP Over Trump In House Floor Speech, While Completely Forgetting Her Party's Racist Past

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump answers questions during a news conference in New York, Tuesday, May 31, 2016. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Thursday Illinois Democrat congresswoman Cheri Bustos took to the House floor to attack Donald Trump, the Republican Party, and congressional Republicans over the racists comments Trump made about a federal Judge, however in doing so she kind of forgot about her own party’s racists past and made a mockery of one of the important and historic accomplishments the GOP is responsible for regarding race.

Bustos said that, “We know that the diversity of our nation makes us greater. So whenever racism rears its ugly head, all of us, Democrats and Republicans, have an obligation to reject it Mr. Speaker. ,I have been very disturbed to see so many of my Republican colleagues trying to tiptoe around this offensive behavior of the new leader of their party, Donald Trump, I urge all of you colleagues to do the right thing and reject racist policies without any ifs, ands, or buts.”

Bustos also said, “ I would remind my colleagues that this is the year 2016, it’s not 1916, it’s not 1816. We as a nation have come so far, but there was a time when I, as a woman, would not have been allowed to vote, let alone speak on the floor of this chamber. There was a time when our friends in the congressional black caucus or in the hispanic caucus would not have been welcomed here.”

The congresswoman forgot to say that the reason why African-Americans in particular faced such discrimination for much of the nations history was the outright racism of her very Democrat Party and her lack of knowledge of the history of Congress and of these United States is down right sad.

It was her party that wrote and passed the Jim Crowe laws. It was her party that institutionalized segregation. It was her party that created and supported the Klan.

Admonishing Trump is one thing, attacking the whole of the Republican Party because of his verbal diarrhea is completely out of line.

It was the Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party that ended slavery. It was the Republican Party and a Republican Congress, and a Republican President Ulysses Grant who tried to stamp out the Klan in its early years. And it was the Republican Party that put the first African-American into a seat in Congress, a person who also just happens to be the only African-American Speaker of the House in our nations history, Joseph Rainey. And it was congressman Rainey, President Grant, and the Republican Party that past important reconstruction era civil rights legislation.

Also what party again had all of the minority candidates in its presidential field this cycle? Wasn’t it the Republican Party with Cruz, Rubio, Carson and Jindal.

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