Rep. Adam Kinzinger(RINO-IL) Wanted To Be The Alternative POTUS Candidate To Trump And Hillary

AdamKinzinger400x300On Saturday The Weekly Standards Bill Kristol, one of the leaders of the #NeverTrump movement, wrote that with higher profile potential candidates like Mitt Romney and Sen. Ben Sasse openly saying no to being an Independent/Third Party challenger to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton it might be some lesser known congressperson or someone else who would take the challenge to try to defeat both Parties presumptive nominees.

So the alternative to Trump and Clinton could be a not-terribly-well-known but capable congressman like Mike Pompeo or Adam Kinzinger. It could be a respected former senator like Judd Gregg or Mel Martinez. Or the leader of the resistance could turn out to be someone who hasn’t yet held elective office.

On Memorial Day CNN ran a story where Illinois congressman, and big ass RINO, Adam Kinzinger, admitted that he was seriously considering being the #NeverTrump presidential candidate but has decided against running for the highest office in the country due to the logistics of getting on the ballot in all 50 states.

 Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a prominent GOP congressman from Illinois and Iraq War veteran, has decided to pass on an independent bid.
Adam Kinzinger, 38 and in his third House term, would have considered mounting an independent bid had the barriers to an independent run not been so daunting. His pondering of the matter reflects ongoing efforts by GOP forces opposed to Trump and Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic standard-bearer. They have searched feverishly in recent weeks for a candidate of stature to make an independent conservative White House bid. But like Kinzinger, no potential candidate has yet bitten.
Kinzinger, previously a prominent surrogate for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, would have undertaken a third party run “literally to save the union,” according to a source familiar with his thinking, because both Clinton and Trump scare him. But Kinzinger does not think the infrastructure exists to get on the ballot in a number of states at this relatively late date.

I want to see both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump lose the November election as much as anyone in the #NeverTrump, #NeverHillary camp, but trying to save the Republican Party, conservatism, and the Nation as a whole, with a lying, backstabbing, fraud like Kinzinger is just plain stupid.

Kinzinger is as bad on amnesty as Hillary, supports the corny capitalism of the Export-Import Bank, agrees with Justice Kennedy’s redefining of the meaning of marriage and opposes any effort to fix what Kennedy did with a constitutional amendment, opposes the Flat Tax, never wanted to defund Obamacare back in 2013, supports the NSA bulk meta data/spying on Americans program, and just last week was one of 43 Republicans in the House to vote for a pro-LGBT amendment to a spending bill.

Even where Kinzinger is good, national security and foreign policy, he’s still terribly rotten.  Supporting the arming of the Syrian Rebels, who turn around and join ISIS or Al Qaeda, supports the US taking out Syria’s Assad, wants a no-fly zone over Syria, etc.

Conservatives, like myself, who can never vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, because of who they are, what they stand for(or don’t stand for), and the disastrous things they’d both do to this country and our Republic, want a strong leader, a solid conservative; those are not things that describe Adam Kinzinger.

I know that he will never admit it but at least part of the reason why he had to say no to running for POTUS against Hillary and Trumpertantrum is because this blogs archive is a one stop shop for oppo research on Kinzinger and it’d take a political operative of Trump or Clinton’s 5 minutes to find everything they’d need, substance and policy wise, to bury him.

The only people Adam Kinzinger could get to vote for him as President are the GOP establishment, the Chamber of Commerce and Karl Rove types, and the Warhawks, basically everyone who backed Adam’s preferred candidate Jeb!, and that would be it.

The Bill Kristol’s and other establishment types within #NeverTrump would have been a lot better off had they made it their mission to talk Ted Cruz into being this Independent/Third Party candidate. It would have been even better had they backed Cruz during the primary process so we could still be talking about Cruz winning the GOP nomination outright on a 2nd or 3rd ballot at the convention, instead of mulling over the possibility of an Eric Cantor favored GOPe Yes-man possibly running against Trump and Hillary.

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