Dear Trumpsters Will Please Go Back To Being The Principled Conservatives I Know You Are

limbaugh rule“Vote for the most conservative Republican in the primary-period.”-Rush Limbaugh

Dear Trumpsters,

Please take the Limbaugh Rule to heart and please go back to being the principled conservative and Tea Party activists I know you to be.

The walking billboards for Donald Trump that you have become isn’t consistent with the limited government, lower taxes, less spending, adhere to the Constitution principles we have all been advocating for for years together.

We’ve been waiting for 30 years for another Ronald Reagan to come along; an articulate, principled, leader, with a bold vision of a better America based on First Principles.  We’ve been waiting for a Ted Cruz to come on the scene, and he finally has, and you Trumpsters are missing the boat because you have fallen head over heels for a celebrity; a celebrity with absolutely no principles other than shameless self promotion.

While Ted Cruz has been fighting the conservative fight year after year on issue after issue(religious liberty, the 10th amendment, the 2nd amendment, fully repealing Obamacare, stopping amnesty) Donald Trump on the other hand has been actively fight against us.  Back in 1991 Trump spoke at a congressional hearing where he trashed the 1986 Reagan tax cuts and now Trump is saying the same things Hillary and Bernie are saying about taxing the rich more.

While Ted Cruz has been working to get taxpayer money taken away from the baby butchers at Planned Parenthood, Trump has been out praising them for the good work they do, when he isn’t taking 3 totally different positions on abortion in the same day.

Even when he was working in the Bush 43 admin Cruz was advancing conservatism, even when that went against what W and congressional leaders wanted to do.

For 40 years Donald Trump has done one thing with consistency; give big sums of money to extremely liberal Democrats. The list of people Trump has given money to is long but includes such notables as Chicago Mayor and former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Clinton bag-man and now Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Trump has even given money directly to the Clinton Crime Family.

Donald Trump is no friend to conservatives to be sure. When given the chance to back Tea Partier Matt Bevin’s 2014 Senate primary in Kentucky he opted instead to donate money to Mitch McConnell.

These things matter.

The negative, and likely depression causing impact of Trump’s tariff war matters.

The fact half of the Republican Party(or more) hates Trump with a passion should matter, as should why.

The fact Trump just became a Republican last year, so he could run for President on our ticket, should matter, and bother the heck out of you.

The fact Trump has an incoherent approach to foreign policy should matter.

After 8 years of Obama’s disastrous leadership, righting our nation’s course, basically saving the Republic as we know it makes this election extremely important to the continued survival of this the last best hope for freedom on Earth.

Instead of treating this election with that kind of seriousness you Trumpsters are treating it more like just your average season of American Idol; It’s all about the popularity contest, not a contest of substance and ideas, which Ted Cruz would win hands down.

I know you Trumpsters are better than that, because I know many of you personally and/or professionally. I don’t know what it will take to wake you from this star struck trace you are in, but you had better do it quick.

The nation is in danger of being turned into just another dying and decaying ho-hum European Socialist Democracy should Hillary Clinton get elected, and a Trump nomination would guaruntee that.

This nation needs another Reagan revolution; tens of millions of new jobs, economic growth the likes of which had never been seen, a rebuilding of our military superiority, and defeat of the Soviet Empire, all accomplished using conservative principles.  What we don’t need is a Republican Party nominee who doesn’t agree with half the platform and doesn’t understand the other half. We don’t need a foul-mouthed, bloviating, jackass, who has helped to elect and reelect some of the worst politicians in the country, as the GOP nominee.

You all know that Ted Cruz is the right man to be the 45th President of the United States and that he is the only one who should come out of the convention in Cleveland as the GOP nominee.

Now put down the Trump pom-poms and lets save the Republic from the liberal Democrats and the spineless GOP establishment by electing Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina.

Crossposted from USofArn.com