House Encryption Gang Of 8 Members Named And Your Civil Liberties Are At Risk

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)
Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Illinois RINO congressman Adam Kinzinger was named this week as one of 8 members of a bi-partisan “working group” that will look into the issues surrounding counter terrorism and encryption.

House Judiciary committee chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte(R-VA) and House energy and commerce committee chairman Rep. Fred Upton(R-MI) along with their committees ranking Democrats have named Kinzinger, Rep. Darrell Issa(R-CA), Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner(R-WI), Rep. Bill Johnson(R-OH), Rep. Zoe Lofgren(D-CA), Rep. Suzan DelBene(D-WA), Rep. Yvette Clark(D-NY), and Rep. Joe Kennedy(D-MA) to be the members of this Encryption Gang of 8 the Washington Examiner reports.

This Gang of 8 will attempt to come up with legislation to deal with things like the iPhone(and Apple) vs. FBI squabble that has arisen following the San Bernardino terrorist attack.  The FBI with the backing of a federal Judge want Apple to create a backdoor into their smartphones encryption so that the federal government can get access to information contained on the phone that it is currently locked out of.  Apple and its CEO Tim Cook contend that the government wants more than just a way into this one phone, they say the government is attempting to create a backdoor around all of its iPhones and their accompanying software and security measures.

Anyone concerned about civil liberties and the federal government overreaching should be worried that Kinzinger was named to this Encryption Gang of 8. Kinzinger has already publicly stated that he backs the FBI over its fight with Apple concerning the San Bernardino terrorists phone and has been a staunch defender of the NSA’s bulk meta data collection program that a federal Judge last year ruled against.  Kinzinger’s defense of the NSA caused him last year to attack Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and all libertarians as not carrying about national security because they supported the USA Freedom Act which reformed the NSA data collection program and made it comply with the 4th amendment of the Constitution; requiring a search warrant to obtain the data as opposed to using a “General Warrant” as the NSA was doing which is unconstitutional under the 4th amendment. At that time Kinzinger also lamented that the USA Freedom Act weakened the Patriot Act , something that fellow Encryption Gang of 8 member Jim Sensenbrenner helped to author, too much.

Given that this Encryption Gang of 8 is stocked full of leading GOP leadership yes-men(Issa and Kinzinger, Johnson) and a bunch of radical liberal Democrats you can almost be assured that anything that comes out from this bunch is going to be very favorable towards the FBI and NSA and very, very weak on protecting our liberties and constitutional rights.

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