Rep. Adam Kinzinger: FreedomWorks, Heritage Action Profit For Purity Gang

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)
Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

During an interview with Chicago’s AM 560 The Answer Thursday Illinois RINO congressman Adam Kinzinger was asked by Dan Proft about his op-ed in Crain’s several months ago during the battle over who would replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House. At the time Kinzinger was a loyal leadership yes man backing first Kevin McCarthy the House majority leader, and the Paul Ryan. Kinzinger was also the leader of the opposition attacking the House Freedom Caucus, who derailed McCarthy’s ascension and wanted concessions from Ryan, on a nearly daily basis. In that op-ed Kinzinger said that conservative blogs, talk radio, and conservative groups were fighting House leadership and establishment RINO’s like himself because they were doing it for money.

Kinzinger told Proft that the target of his op-ed was the, “Purity for profit gang. For instance let me point out FreedomWorks. FreedomWorks for instance wanted us to shut down the federal government in 2013. During the federal government shutdown FreedomWorks was trying to raise money based on we’re going to keep the Republican party pure they’re not pure enough, send us $25.”

Kinzinger also attacked Heritage Actions saying, “There are people that exist simply because they need to raise money and do it by creating problems, not solutions. Let me give you an example Heritage Action, not Heritage Foundation, said that we need to split the farm bill from food stamps because they were combined. Then they opposed it any way. I mean its that kind of stuff thats frustrating..Some people have to come out and be honest about whats going on.”


Kinzinger spent the rest of the interview doing his bashing of Donald Trump on behalf on Marco Rubio, something he’s been doing all campaign first on behalf of Jeb Bush.

Kinzinger also has a long history of attacking conservatives and the Tea Party and does not like being criticized for his support of things like amnesty and the Ex-Im Bank.