Prominent Birther Loses Again As IL Judge Dismisses Challenge Against Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz
Sen. Ted Cruz

Lawerence Joyce of Poplar Grove, IL is one of the most prominent birthers in the country. The hospital pharmacist and occasional lawyer was among those who challenged Barack Obama’s eligibility to be President in 2008 and into 2009. Those challenges against Obama went absolutely nowhere.

Flash-forward to 2016 and Mr. Joyce is continuing his birther crusade this time against Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

In January Mr. Joyce filed an objection to Cruz with the Illinois Board of Elections seeking to have him removed from the March 15th primary ballot contending that Cruz is ineligible to be President of the United States because he is not a Natural Born Citizen as is called for in Article II of the Constitution.

Things did not go well for Mr. Joyce.

The Illinois Board of Elections not only dismissed his challenge against Cruz but also affirmatively declared that Ted Cruz was indeed a Natural Born Citizen, end of discussion.

This rejection prompted Joyce to file a lawsuit in Cook county again seeking to have Cruz disqualified from the Illinois primary.  On Monday afternoon Judge Maureen Ward Kirby dismissed that lawsuit agreeing with Cruz’s lawyer Sharee Langenstein that the suit was invalid because Mr. Joyce had failed to properly serve either Cruz or the members of the state Board of Elections.

Langenstein told the Chicago Tribune Tuesday, “”This lawsuit was merely a misguided attempt to distract the voters away from the candidate who’s the most qualified candidate we have for president, and that’s Sen. Ted Cruz”

Yet again Mr. Joyce has found himself and his stupid brither legal claims laughed out of court and the fool had the temerity to tell the Chicago Tribune that he wasn’t sure he if was going to appeal the Judge’s ruling today.

Get a clue man(and that goes for all birthers including Donald Trump) Ted Cruz was a citizen of these United States the moment he was born therefore he is a natural born citizen and meets all constitutional requirements to run for and one day be President.