Is Sen. Mark Kirk Afraid Of His Primary Opponent James Marter? You Betcha

Sen. Mark Kirk and James Marter
Sen. Mark Kirk and James Marter

Illinois Republican Sen. Mark Kirk is the most vulnerable incumbent seeking reelection in 2016 and his precarious position coupled with his lingering health issues related to his stroke several years ago has caused the states Junior Senator to become deathly afraid of even being in the same room as his conservative primary challenger Oswego businessman James Marter.

Last Saturday the LaSalle county Tea Party hosted a series of debates among local candidates, including for the US Senate. James Marter was in attendance to make his case to the 100 plus voters there, Sen. Kirk on the other hand sent his campaign’s field director.

On Friday the Chicago Tribune’s editorial board announced that they aren’t even going to bother holding a meeting with Sen. kirk and Marter because Kirk refuses to schedule so time to meet with them.

Marter told Illinois Review Friday that:

“I’m disappointed that the media can’t do their job to provide information to readers,” Marter said. “Seems to me the Chicago Tribune is in the tank for Mark Kirk.”

The Tribune editorial board’s own “statement of principles” says that it places great emphasis on the integrity of government and of the private institutions and individuals who serve and lead society.

The board “acts as a watchdog on government, protecting citizen interests in quarters where citizens themselves might not otherwise be represented,” the statement says. “The newspaper does this in the belief that the people cannot consent to be governed unless they have knowledge of, and faith in, the leaders and operations of government. Always, the people are sovereign.”

And that’s exactly what Marter says he believes the voters should have – access to information about the candidates they will now not have since the Tribune has cancelled the interview.

Marter said that he’s provided full access to the media statewide, appearing in person for lengthy interviews with the suburban Daily Herald, and has traveled to speak with editorial boards in Rock Island and Peoria, among others. He spoke on the phone with the Sun-Times editorial board.

“I’m willing to meet with every news source that asks,” he said. “I understand why Mark Kirk doesn’t want to answer for his record, but the voters should be disappointed, too. “

Indeed outside of a GOPe fundraiser in Chicago recently with some of Kirk’s fellow establishment Senators Kirk has rarely been seen in Illinois, let alone on the campaign trail and his media appearances have been even more sparse.

Kirk’s whole primary campaign has been singularly focused on attacking the likely Democrat nominee congresswoman Tammy Duckworth with a TV and radio ad blitz hammering Duckworth over Syrian refugees.

Kirk really can’t campaign in down state Illinois, he decidedly anti-second amendment voting record, his approval of sanctuary cities, and his support of continued federal funding of Planned Parenthood make him a pariah to conservative Republican voters.  And Kirk’s statement this week that he is “looking forward” to having hearing and a vote on President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court following the death of Justice Antonin Scalia is not winning him over any fence sitting Republicans.

Kirk indeed is taking the Jeb Bush campaign philosophy of losing the primary to win the general to heart, hence Kirk and his campaigns stance on the Supreme Court, and his open attempts to court moderate Democrats and independents with his embrace of abortion and same sex marriage.

With just over two weeks to the Illinois primary on March 15th voters are all but certain to never see Kirk in the same room as Marter with Kirk’s refusal to appear with him at the Tribune.  And that is a true shame because one-on-one James Marter needs only minutes to out Kirk as the RINO that he is and show that Kirk’s stroke has dramatically cut into his ability to think and speak on his feet.

Illinois voters should be livid at Kirk’s refusal to even acknowledge his opponent and should punish him for it(and his liberal voting record). We know Kirk is soft on illegal immigration, on Obama’s radical nominees, abortion/Planned Parenthood, and more.  We also know that James Marter is solid on those issues and would make a much better Republican nominee for the US Senate.

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