Rep. Adam Kinzinger(RINO-IL): People In Washington Don't Like Ted Cruz

Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)
Rep. Adam Kinzinger(R-IL)

Appearing on the Justin Kaufmann show on Chicago’s WGN radio Monday night as the Iowa caucus results were rolling in Illinois RINO congressman Adam Kinzinger said that, “People in Washington don’t like Ted Cruz because we know him.”

Kinzinger, Jeb! Bush’s campaign co-chair, was pushing how Jeb! would rebound in New Hampshire and South Carolina following in dismal 6th place showing in Iowa, and went on the attack against Cruz, who easily won the Iowa Caucus, saying that he didn’t see Cruz getting the nomination.

Funny the primary map, and math, actually favors Cruz, not Jeb!, as the calendar turns to March and the SEC primary states, the Texas primary, and the March 15th Illinois primary where Cruz is likely to win many if not most of them as he has clearly become the top alternative to Donald Trump; and will at worst finish second(Illinois polling had Cruz second to Trump)

Kinzinger and his fellow GOPe hate Cruz, because he is a conservative, is willing to articulate conservative principles, and calls out the spineless and feckless weasels like Kinzinger for capitulating to the liberal and Obama agenda time after time.

As Ted Cruz has said on the campaign trail repeatedly if the Washington cartel, of which Kinzinger is a solid member of, backs a candidate(Jeb!) run for the hills.

Kinzinger, who has been dismissive and down right hostile towards Cruz since the day he became Texas’ junior Senator, also said, “(Cruz) To be quite honest with you, he does a great job of going out and saying the reason no body in Washington likes him is because we are all a part of the establishment and he’s shaking up the establishment. That’s not true. People in Washington don’t like Ted Cruz because we know him. We know he is one guy in front of one audience and the other guy in front of another.”

Nice to see Kinzinger picking up on a line of attack that Donald Trump has used against Cruz in recent weeks, which is funny because Kinzinger hates Trump just as much as he hates Cruz(Kinzinger is also no fan of Rand Paul).

Lil’ Adam and his fellow RINOs are showing their true colors this election season. They don’t get the anger and the frustration with the GOPe among the conservative and Tea Party base of the party. They cannot stand to actually advance conservative policy, instead embracing things like amnesty(and boy does Kinzinger ever support amnesty). And they really cannot stand the fact that none of the establishment candidates Jeb!, Kasich, Christie, Rubio have gained any traction this cycle and are all destined to lose to either Cruz or Trump.

Guys like Kinzinger, who lied about being a Tea Party conservative in 2010 to get elected and then went straight to John Boehner’s backside(and now has his lips squarely on Paul Ryan’s butt), badly want conservatives and the Tea Party to have no voice and no say in the Republican Party because we are too loud, too angry, too extreme right-wingers, for their Democrat-lite taste.

It is going to be so nice when Ted Cruz does get the GOP presidential nomination and is sworn in as President in January of 2017, because the look of disgust on Kinzinger’s face when that happens will be priceless.