Crackpot Birthers With Law Licenses

Dunce-capThe crackpot birthers  are out in full force now against Texas Sen. Ted Cruz thanks to the antics of Donald Trump.

This birther nonsense was stupid and pointless over a week ago and it is sadly only getting worse because some of those crackpots who believe in the ridiculous notion that Ted Cruz, or Marco Rubio for that matter, aren’t natural-born citizens, when everything says that they are, have law licenses and are going to court and state boards of elections to waste everyone’s time and make a mockery of the presidential election process.

An attorney from Houston, Texas has gone to court there with a birther claim against Cruz.  Local media reports quote Newton Schwartz as saying he is leaning towards Bernie Sanders, though he is not affiliated with any campaign.  As much proof as that is of how out there he is, J. Christian Adams writing at PJ Media has found that he has had he law licenses suspended in Pennsylvania and Louisiana.  According to reports Mr. Schwartz is lucky he didn’t end up going to jail for his highly questionable conduct in Louisiana.

Two separate birther claims are being made against Ted Cruz in Illinois, one by an attorney who was a part of birther legal challenges in 2008 to Barack Obama which obviously went nowhere.  The other  birther challenge also targets Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and according to legal experts familure with the challenge is incredibly weak and based on flimsy grounds by someone with no apparent legal background.

There is yet another birther case against Rubio in Florida.

And it is all frivolous.

British common law, the very basis and foundation of our legal system. the first immigration law of the very first Congress, the words of the Founding Fathers, and the law at the time of both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio’s birth all say the exact same thing. They were citizens of the United States at the very moment and by the very nature of their births. That makes them natural born citizens as is called for in the Constitution to be eligible to be President.

These birthers who went to ambulance chasers law school, if there claims were to be taken to their logical conclusions would strip away the citizenship of millions of Americans over the centuries who were born abroad, including those to military parents, and to those who were born here to legal immigrants.

Our nation and our laws have always recognized people born in those and other cases to be American citizens and what these crackpots are doing is down right offensive.