The Very Doable Plan To Turn Illinois Purple

Rep. John Cabello
Rep. John Cabello

Illinois state Rep. John Cabello(R-Machesney Park) on Thursday evening announced that the Illinois Republican Party has tapped him to lead the House Republican Organization putting him at the center of the battle to take Republicans from super minority status into an eventual majority in the state House of Representatives.

Cabello said that he is developing a plan that would have the ILGOP within a hairs breath of being in the majority within six years and has already secured the support of two Super PACs to help train and finance conservative Republican challengers to Boss Michael Madigan’s complete control of the Illinois Legislature.

GOPAC has pledged to help candidates with training on fundraising, media relations, and more while the Republican State Leadership Committee has agreed to help fund candidates directly.

Illinois Republicans need to flip one seat in the House to end Madigan’s veto-proof super-majority, twelve legislative seats would need to be flipped to bring Republicans into a tie with Democrats in the state House.

That is a bit of a tall order given that Boss Madigan controlled redistricting and drew every district in Illinois(Congress and state legislature) to heavily favor Democrats and to make very few seats competitive.  Further more the effort will be hampered by the ILGOP’s reluctance in many districts to even run a candidate against the Democrats.  Rockford’s 67th district for example has rarely seen a contested election as Republicans have basically ceded the seat to former [mc_name name=’Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’C001080′ ]ck Jefferson and his replacement Litesa Wallace.

Numerous Chicagoland districts are the same way.

Cabello’s attempt at regaining the state House isn’t impossible though.  Democrat state Rep. Jack Franks of Marengo is constantly viewed as being vulnerable and his reluctance to back Boss Madigan on all things leaves open the possibility that Madigan and the Dems could sacrifice him if push came to shove.  Another possible pickup could come from the 76th district which covers Bureau, Lasalle, and Putnam counties as Rep. Frank Mautino has his eyes on being named the states new Auditor General when that position becomes open at the start of the year; Mautino barely won reelection in 2014 beating Streator truck driver Jerry Long by 300 votes.  I am personally very excited about the prospects of Brandi McGuire being able to unseat Pat Verschoore in the Quad Cities based 72nd district.

The road to getting the ILGOP out of the super-minority is going to be a hard and tough one, but Cabello seems to be laying the groundwork for a winning plan that would indeed turn the deep blue state of Illinois purple.

(John Cabello is a former Detective with the Rockford Police Department and is one of the most solid conservative leaders in Springfield.  He has among other things been leading the effort to reinstate the Death Penalty in Illinois for cop killers, like those that killed Fox Lake Police Lt. “G.I. Joe” Gliniewicz, and mass murderers.)

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