RNC Committeewoman Demetra DeMonte: I'm As Frustrated As You Are(Video)

Demetra DeMonte
Demetra DeMonte

Speaking at Tuesday nights meeting of the LaSalle County Tea Party Republican National Committeewoman, and former RNC Secretary Demetra DeMonte took a question from the audience about the growing anger the conservative base of the Republican Party has with GOP leadership who continually lie to get elected and make big promises only to do nothing once they get to Washington, and worse.

DeMonte said that she shares those frustrations and wants to see the Republican Party embrace conservatives more.

As one of Illinois members to the Republican National Committee DeMonte has helped get the RNC to take policy stand to help fight against Common Core, earmarks, and defend religious liberties.

DeMonte understands why people are attracted to the message Donald Trump has been offering as a Presidential candidate.  Note DeMonte is not endorsing any candidate at this point in time.

She also is a fan of Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin.

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