Breitbart's Mike Flynn: Wish GOP Would Fight Progressives Like They Fought Me(IL18 Special Election)

Mike Flynn
Mike Flynn

Breitbart editor Mike Flynn was a bit reflective Tuesday night about his unsuccessful bid earlier this month in the IL 18 special election against Darin LaHood and pointed out how he wished establishment Republicans in the Central Illinois district would fight progressives as much and as hard as they fought against his insurgent campaign to replace the disgraced [mc_name name=’Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’S001179′ ](who is probably going to be indicted soon for his misuse of campaign and office funds).

From Flynn’s Facebook page:

Two weeks ago tonight, I lost the special primary in Illinois’ 18th Congressional District. I remain humbled and honored by the thousands of people who supported me in Central Illinois. It was a fantastic and rewarding journey and I will always remember those that stood by our side.

While there was obvious disappointment with the result, we undertook the campaign with the full knowledge of the challenge before us. I’m extremely proud of what we were able to accomplish.

We first faced the shortest period to qualify for the ballot in Illinois history. In just over a week, we collected double the required signatures, all without the traditional assistance of the local Republican party organizations. In many cases, we faced open hostility, in fact.

I’m proud we won my home county, Adams, by almost ten points. This victory was against a very aggressive and hostile campaign waged by the local Republican organization. There are almost no words to describe the open opposition from many local party leaders in my hometown. The only solace is that, in the end, their nasty campaign rang very hollow.

I’m proud we almost won the district’s largest county, McLean. We lost that county by just 300 votes.

Eight weeks before election day, no one in that county had heard of our campaign. Many of the elected officials went far beyond the normal decorum to oppose our campaign. Tellingly, though, the local Republican organization remained neutral. It was, in fact, the only county GOP organization that followed the tradition of staying neutral in a primary contest.

I think, though, too, that Ellie had something to do with our strong showing there. The elected officials in McLean who put their reputations on the line to stop our campaign may be wise to tend to their own gardening in their home county.

I’m proud that we won a great many of the towns where we had the time to campaign. I’m also proud of the many community and business leaders who supported our campaign, often against threats and jeers. I have never met such a fine group of individuals anywhere.

In the end, our greatest enemy was time. I underestimated the challenge of campaigning in 19 counties in just 8 weeks. This already mammoth challenge was exacerbated by the open hostility of much of the Republican party organizations.

I’m proud that we forced our opposition to campaign so aggressively against us. Before we began this campaign, all other candidates had been pushed out to make way for a coronation. That didn’t happen and many voters were presented with a choice they would not otherwise have had. I’m proud my opponent made many promises he would not otherwise have had to make.

I’m proud my opponent had to spend well over $1 million to defeat us. I’m proud they were forced to raise more than $200k from DC PACs and House GOP Leadership. I’m proud we forced many outside organizations to reveal their true natures. We forced much out into the sunlight. Sunlight, after all, is the ultimate disinfectant.

I only wish many of these individuals and organizations showed the same will to fight against the progressive left as they showed in this primary. 

I’m also proud of the many great conservative friends from around the country who stood by us, despite the odds. The endorsements we did receive, from Reps. [mc_name name=’Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’G000552′ ], [mc_name name=’Rep. Steve King (R-IA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’K000362′ ], [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ], Stephen Moore, Erick Erickson, Dana Loesch, Jim Hoft and others were personal endorsements of our campaign, not driven by larger political forces or direction.

I said often during the campaign that a large reason I was running was due to anger that voters weren’t being given a choice over who represents them. The campaign ended, though, on a great deal of hope.

America’s road to rebirth flows through its people, not around it. Everywhere I campaigned, the individual voters had a greater grasp of the issues facing America, and the solutions to those challenges, than most elected officials I’ve met in my career. I’m convinced now that politicians talk in sound bites because they don’t have the knowledge or experience to discuss the issues in greater detail.

In short, our elected officials, not the people have failed. That is encouraging, because elected officials can be replaced. Most probably ought to be. In most cases, though, that is a fight for someone else to engage.

I’m truly touched by the campaign and those who joined us in this fight. I will never forget you and will remain at your side as long you will have me there. I will stay very engaged in the political battles in Central Illinois, perhaps not as a candidate, but as a regular citizen who can recognize the political failures all around us. I look forward to speaking in Springfield with a great group of activists this September.

There is also, obviously, some housecleaning needed in my home county.

Thank you all again so much. I will be in touch.

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