Gun Grabber Father Pfleger Suing 3 Chicagoland Villages Over Chicago Gun Violence

Father Michael Pfleger
Father Michael Pfleger

Radical nut job, Obama pal, and leading gun grabber Father Michael Pfleger, and a group of his fellow Chicago anti-gun zealots filed a lawsuit in Cook County Tuesday that seeks to punish three suburban Chicagoland villages because those villages, Lyons, Riverdale, and Lincolnwood have gun stores.

In the suit Pfleger and his cohorts contend that the villages are in violation of the Illinois Civil Rights Act because those three villages don’t have gun store regulations comparable to the city of Chicago’s, which until recently outright banned gun stores from operating inside city limits; following a court ruling that found the ban unconstitutional the city council and Mayor Rahm Emanuel enacted a new gun store zoning ordinance that effectively made 99.99% of the city off limits to any future gun store. To date there are no gun stores in the city of Chicago.

Chicago ABC7 quotes Pfleger at a Tuesday press conference announcing the suit as saying, “Families and our children have a right to safety. They have a right to live. They have a right to walk to school, to play outside, to sit on their porch and not be afraid of being shot or killed. Although the solution of violence is indeed comprehensive, part of the problem is the proliferation of guns,”

The suit goes on to say, “The failure to use the most effective “criteria or methods of administration” has a disparate and terrible impact on African Americans who live in neighborhoods afflicted by such illegal gun use and who are in reasonable apprehension of their safety. It also increases the economic and racial isolation of these neighborhoods. Plaintiffs seek an order to require Riverdale, Lyons and Lincolnwood to use the kind of methods recommended by the City of Chicago in its May 27, 2014 report, “Tracing the Guns: The Impact of Illegal Guns on Violence in Chicago,” and to engage in greater on-site monitoring of the sale of guns in the stores in their jurisdictions.”

you can read the full text of the suit here.

Never mind that it is the Illinois State Police and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives that monitor and check gun stores for compliance with state and federal laws.

Last month Pfleger, standing right next to Rev. Jesse Jackson and Dan Gross of the Brady Campaign, accused the National Rifle Association and the Illinois State Rifle Association of having blood on their hands for the murder of children in Chicago’s years long bloodbath of weekly and daily gang and drug gun violence as they were protesting outside of Chuck’s Gun Shop in Riverdale, one of the three villages named in the suit.

In the last month plus Pfleger has called for registering and titling guns just like cars, banning high capacity magazines, and other gun control measures that would have zero impact or effect in curbing the gang and drug problem(s) that are at the heart of nearly every shooting and homicide in the city of Chicago.

This past July 4th weekend saw 10 people killed and more than 50 wounded in dozens of shootings across the city.  So far in 2015 Chicago has seen 226 murders with well over 1,000 injured.

Pfleger’s lawsuit faces a number of challenges including the issue of standing, trying to hold local governments liable for what happens in a lawful(and constitutionally protected) business well after the customer leaves it and the village, and the pretzel like stretches to contort the Illinois Civil Rights Act into a basis for attacking the second amendment rights of Cook County residents.

Several weeks ago a federal Judge tossed a Brady Campaign lawsuit against an ammunition dealer saying the suit was a publicity stunt and was tantamount to being frivolous.

One can only hope this ludicrous lawsuit gets tossed as well.

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