Countering Daily Beast Hit Piece On Dr. Carson's Visit To Chicago's South Side

Dr. Ben Carson with Pastor Corey Brooks
Dr. Ben Carson with Pastor Corey Brooks

Justin Glawe writing at the Daily Beast has penned a truly condescending and insulting article about Dr. Ben Carson’s visit to Chicago’s south side Sunday saying he had a “Hood pass” that he likely exchanged for a plane ticket, because he had accepted the invitation of Pastor Corey Brooks to speak, as all presidential candidates have been, to people in and around on e of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago.

Glawe knocked Dr. Carson’s apperance because he only saw one local TV station there to cover Dr. Carson’s speech and Q&A session.  He must not have been looking very hard because there were 4-5 TV cameras around Dr. Carson as he greeted the nearly 200 people who came to hear what he had to say, and that’s not counting my own camera or former congressman and Chicago talk show host Joe Walsh who was there.

Glawe wrote, “considering it isn’t every day that Republicans run around in President Obama’s territory, any presidential candidate showing their face on South King should be a spectacle. Even so, Carson’s visit prompted a minuscule media response. One of the only video cameras present for his remarks was operated by a public access TV station, and Carson’s entire entourage was small enough to fit into an SUV.”

Mr. Glawe clearly doesn’t know Chicago or Illinois media that well, they don’t show up for political events for Republicans in and around the city of Chicago unless they absolutely have to; and that means local interest story, scandal, or campaign season(see local). Chicago media won’t pay attention to the 2016 Presidential race until and unless Hillary comes to town for a fundraiser.

Glawe also wrote, “For all his talk of bootstraps, Carson joined scores of Republicans and Democrats before him in promising money—this time from corporations and not the government—in helping to improve the dire economic circumstances in the black community.” He then quoted an officer doing security to attack Carson for being and talking like a politician ‘saying what people want to hear’.

Mr. Glawe must not have been paying much attention when the crowd was supportive and understanding of his difficult up bringing in absolute poverty or the rousing support his talk about the inspiration African-American inventors throughout history can provide to todays young people growing up on Chicago’s south or west side.

Paul McKinley listening to Dr. Ben Carson
Paul McKinley listening to Dr. Ben Carson

While Glawe is of the opinion that those who came were going to continue to vote Democrat as they have done for decades(and generations) but then again I don’t think Mr. Glawe is the kind of guy who would recognize Paul Mckinley or truly understands the work Pastor Brooks has been doing trying to get people in his neighborhood to listen to, and learn about, and vote for Republican candidates.

In part because of the work of Pastor Brooks and people like him in the November election both Gov. Bruce Rauner and state Sen. Jim Oberweis who was running against Dick Durbin, and attended Dr. Carson’s event, made significant gaining in the African-American and Chicago-at-large vote share for Republicans over historic levels(which are really low).

Mr. Glawe should go back to joining the other drive-by “so called” journalist chasing down Hillary Clinton and her Mystery Van.

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