Mark Kirk's Todd Akin Moment Has To Be The Final Straw

Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)
Sen.Mark Kirk(R-IL)

At a Senate committee hearing Thursday Illinois Republican [mc_name name=’Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’K000360′ ] was caught on a hot mic saying of fellow [mc_name name=’Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’G000359′ ] that he is a “Bro with no ho”.  Graham is a bachelor suffering from a delusion that he’s running for President on the Republican side and has said that he’d have a rotating First Lady, which is what prompted Kirk’s comment which his office told the Huffington Post was supposed to be some kind of a joke.

This Todd Akin moment for Senator Kirk and the liberal-to-moderates in the Republican Party establishment should be the final straw; Mark Kirk can’t run for reelection, he has got to step aside.

For more than a year I’ve been hearing rumors that the influential, the power brokers, and some of the big money people in the Republican Party have been quietly telling Sen. Kirk in private that he can’t or shouldn’t run for reelection and it is comments like those Kirk made about Lindsey Graham that make them say that.

On numerous occasions since Sen. Kirk returned from his stroke he has made truly bizarre verbal gaffes.  He’ll be talking tax policy at the start of a sentence and will talk about Apple at the end of it.  He’s started questioning witnesses in Senate hearings and halfway into the question started talking about his military service.

To be perfectly honest it is rather obvious from Sen. Kirk’s public comments that he on occasions shows clear signs of having not made a full recovery mentally from that stroke.

And if Mark Kirk’s mental faculties are all there, aren’t firing on all cylinders all the time, how does he expect to beat [mc_name name=’Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’D000622′ ] in the 2016 election.

Truth is even if Kirk were at 100% he’d have a hard time beating Tammy.  First there is that whole not backing Jim Oberweis in 2014, then there are Kirk’s votes for President Obama’s nominees and agenda that have all irked the conservative base in Illinois.

Couple that with Kirk’s very liberal positions on the social issues(pro-choice, pro-gay marriage) and insistence that the GOP become the Democrat party-lite and one understands why Kirk is the most vulnerable Republican heading into 2016.

After making controversial comments in 2012 the Republican Party bosses tossed Senate candidates Todd Akin and Richard Murdock under the bus and have used those two episodes to chastise conservatives and the Tea Party not to run certain candidates for office.

With Kirk’s “Bro with no ho” quip its time for the GOP bosses in Illinois to do likewise with Kirk and tell/force him to end his reelection bid.

Mark Kirk now is completely and totally unelectable, even if Kirk did what he should have done a long time ago and switched parties he is done as a candidate.

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