Outrageous: Illegal Immigrant Sentenced To Two Years For Fatal Hit-n-Run

Maria E. Romero
Maria E. Romero

One outrage after another is the best way to describe the case of Emilio Perez and the illegal immigrant woman who killed him on I-88 last year Maria Romero.

Romero was driving her SUV one night near Joslin,IL when she struck and killed 17 year-old Emilio Perez of Villa Park after he had ran out of gas and was walking towards an exit ramp.

For more than 6 months Romero hid from authorities and she and her husband kept track of the investigation as police and the Perez family search high and low for any information leading to the person behind the wheel of the car that struck Emilio.

In September Romero was arrested and the SUV that killed Emilio was recovered in Rockford, she has since that time been in police custody for both the hit-n-run and a federal immigration detainer due to Romero’s unlawful presence in the United States.

On Tuesday Romero finally pleaded guilty to one count of leaving the scene of an accident and was sentenced by a Rock Island County Judge to two years prison, with a year of supervised release, as well as credit for the 200+ plus days she has already been in custody; much of it in federal custody at the McHenry county jail as she awaits her deportation hearing.

That is all the more punishment Maria Romero is getting for killing a college bound teenager, whose family LEGALLY immigrated to this country years ago from the Hell hole that is Communist Cuba.

A young life full of joy and promise was snuffed out in the blink of an eye by someone who had no business being in the United States in the first place and all the more punishment this killer, this coward who refused to call for help or render any aid, this ingrate is going to receive.

Why the Rock Island county prosecutor didn’t seek more severe charges, like vehicular manslaughter, is beyond me.

Why only two years, less with time served, for killing someone is beyond me.

That all this happened because of politicians from both parties not having any interest in enforcing our nations immigration laws, that I get sadly, and only fuels my outrage over what happened to Emilio and continues to happen to the Perez family.