Rep. Kinzinger: Not Letting Illegals Serve In Military Comes From "Very Ugly Place" In GOP

Speaking with the morning crew on AM 1440 WROK(Rockford) Monday congressman [mc_name name=’Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’K000378′ ] talked about last weeks vote in the House to remove a provision in the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act pertaining to illegal immigrants given amnesty under President Obama’s unconstitutional deferred deportation(DACA) and said that the sentiments against allowing illegal immigrants to serve in the military comes from a “very ugly place in our party”.

Kinzinger was one of 20 amnesty supporting House Republicans to vote with the Democrats to keep the provision in the NDAA.  They were defeated by the rest of the House GOP caucus.

In the last 9 months or so congressman Kinzinger has repeatedly voted to allow President Obama’s executive amnesty to continue and has long been a staunch supporter of “comprehensive immigration reform”, establishment Republican speak for amnesty.

Kinzinger also said that it “frightens” him that his fellow Republicans don’t support allowing DREAMers and DACA recipients to join the military and thus earn citizenship something Kinzinger desperately would like to see happen to as many DACA DREAMer illegals as possible, and thus make them eligible to vote.

Those who opposed the DACA provision in the NDAA were critical of it because of the fact that the Obama administration is giving pink slips to our combat vets while shrinking the size of and hollowing out the armed forces.  When those two things are happening in conjuncture is not a time to fill our warn and battle tested forces with people who should be deported.

Partial transcript:

I think this amendment to strip this frankly came from a very ugly place in our party that won’t even look at the idea of somebody that’s 3 or 4 years old when they were brought here, looking at the opportunity to say I want to earn an opportunity to be a citizen of the United States of America….There is nothing more Republican in my mind than people earning an opportunity to have a shot at the American dream.

If we as Republicans can’t get behind the idea of studying the merits of earning citizenship in this country by serving in the military than that frankly frightens me and I don’t know what we can stand for that is more Republican than that.

Kinzinger also said something about DACA DREAMers who would end up serving in Afghanistan dying(God forbid) that they would be brought home in a US flag draped coffin not one with the Mexican flag.  I’m not a military man so I’ll leave it up to you grunts and leathernecks to decide if this flyboy offended his band of brothers or not.