Rep. Kinzinger: Going To Take Some US Ground Troops To Fight ISIS In Iraq

Speaking with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Friday about the offensive by ISIS that has nearly taken all of Ramadi Illinois congressman [mc_name name=’Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’K000378′ ], an Iraq war veteran and Air Guard pilot, said that is was going to take some American ground troops fighting along side Iraqi forces to drive ISIS out of Ramadi, Mosul and other Iraqi cities as the Islamo-Nazi barbarian horde makes another attempt to push towards Baghdad and bring more territory under its brutal control.

Kinzinger said that if would be devastating if Ramadi falls.  Which it appears to have this weekend after having come under heavy assault by ISIS.

This weekend also saw US forces kill a senior ISIS leader is Syria.

Kinzinger also said that as US forces work with the Iraqis to drive out ISIS that we also have to push back against the influence with the Iraqi government Iran has developed.

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