Tuesday's Election Results Show That Illinois Voters Are TEA Partiers At Heart

TEABannerOne thing is abundantly clear in the wake of Tuesday’s consolidated election here in Illinois; at heart the voters of this state are TEA Partiers and they let local officials know it.

Illinois’ taxpayers face a heavy burden.  We have the tenth highest state-local sales tax rate in the nation according to the Tax Foundation.  The Tax Policy Center meanwhile tabulate Illinoisans face the second highest property tax burden in the nation.  Thankfully our states income tax went down at the start of the year after having been temporarily increased in an attempt to plug the states budget mess.  A mess that remained basically unchanged even after record revenues were collected.

Taxpayers tired of having more and more of what they make taken to feed our states insatiable appetite did everything they could to tell elected officials “No more”.

In Streator the taxpayers there rejected a property tax increase that was effectively forced on them by the state Board of Education.

In Western Illinois Rock Island county taxpayers rejected for the third time a 1% sales tax increase for local schools.

Taxpayers in Carroll county did the same with their 1% sales tax increase.

Wilmette taxpayers sad no to a massive debt inducing project by the local Park District.

Even on non-taxation related issues the voters Tuesday embraced limited government and fiscal responsibility.

In Dixon voter there, in the first chance they’ve had since Rita Crundwell’s arrest and guilty plea, ushered in an entirely new city government with former state Representative candidate Liandro Arellano being elected Mayor along with an entirely new city council.

And then there is the College of DuPage. One scandal after another has rocked the College and the whole of DuPage county.  Outrageous spending, down-right contempt for openness with the schools finances, an attempted pay-to-play scheme with former Gov. Pat Quinn, multiple criminal investigations, and a three-quarters of a million dollar golden parachute for the College’s President was simply too much for the voters to handle.

The College of DuPage once had a board of trustees that rubber stamped all of this waste, fraud, and abuse, except for one lone reformer in Kathy Hamilton.  Now Kathy will be a part of a majority of, well, TEA Partiers as Frank Napolitano, Deanne Mazzochi, and Charles Bernstein were all elected Tuesday to clean things up at CoD.

Tax increasers and wasters of the publics resources take notice this state is full of taxpaying voters who whole heartedly believe that they are Taxed Enough Already, and they are not afraid to throw you out of office to make that point clear.

“And I have only one thing to say to the tax increasers: Go ahead, make my day.”-Ronald Reagan