Billionaire Enviro-Wacko Tom Steyer Looking To Use Iowa Caucus To Push Global Warming

Tom Steyer
Tom Steyer

The global warming/climate change political advocacy group NextGen Climate, funded by billionaire environmental wacko Tom Steyer, is going to team up with something called the Citizens’ Climate Lobby and attempt to interject climate change/global warming as much as possible into the 2016 presidential race by focusing on Iowa and having climate “activist” confront Democrat, but mostly Republican candidates on the issue.

During the 2014 election Steyer and NextGen Climate spent $5 million in a futile effort to try to defeat Republican Joni Ernst in Iowa.  During the entire 2014 campaign Steyer and NextGen spent upwards of $70 million trying to get global warming alarmist Democrats elected across the nation.  About the only two victories Steyer and his group can claim are wins by Democrat Senate candidates in New Hampshire and the blue state of Michigan.

This time around Steyer and his allies are planning to spend even more money backing Democrats who will oppose the Keystone XL pipeline, fracking, coal-fired power plants, the industrial revolution, and capitalism in general.

Speaking Monday at the Iowa state capitol in Des Moines Steyer’s minions in Iowa are quoted by the Quad Cities Times as saying:

“This is about to become the center of the political universe with the caucuses coming. … We all know that there’s going to be presidential candidates coming through. There already are presidential candidates coming through,” said Rick Smith of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Des Moines. “We want climate change to be on their radar. We want to make sure that we have a dialogue with all of those presidential candidates, as well as elected officials, about climate change.”

A strategist for NextGen went farther saying that Carbon in our atmosphere, which as been there for millions(if not billions) of years, will lead to the Apocalypse;

“We need to win with climate on the ballot, not only because it’s important to win to get the change in this election, but because if we don’t get change in the next several years to begin reducing the amount of carbon in our atmosphere, that window will close on our ability to address the issue before it’s too late,” said Chris LeHane, a chief strategist for NextGen Climate. “And if that happens, the four horsemen of the climate change apocalypse will be unleashed by extreme weather.”

Something tells me 10, 20, 50 years from now the Tom Steyer’s and Al Gore’s of the Enviro-Marxist world will still be saying the exact same lines of gloom, doom, and the Apocalypse as a presidential election heats up.

But then again by that point the global warming alarmist will have gone back to talking about a new ice age.

TIME 1977 New Ice Age cover
TIME 1977 New Ice Age cover