ESPN's Jason Whitlock: We Need To Be Fighting Against Discriminatory Policies Like Indiana's

whitlock2ESPN sports commentator Jason Whitlock on Tuesday’s episode of Pardon The Interruption came out against the first amendment’s free exercise of religion protections when he said that policies like those passed last week in Indiana, that protect business owners and others from having their religious belies violated by the government, are discriminatory and are what people need to be fighting against.

Whitlock also said that such policies, which have been federal law since 1993 and are the law in such states as Illinois(1998) and Connecticut were ESPN is headquartered, have come back to haunt African-Americans like Whitlock and Jews.

Whitlock also lamented that more basketball athletes, especially younger NBA and college players, were not vocally protesting Indiana’s religious liberty law like they were last year during the Donald Sterling situation. While praising business owners who in the last week have been extremely critical of the law.