Northern Illinois University Consultant Paid $495K For 18 Months Of Work

A consultant for Northern Illinois University was paid $495,000 in salary and travel expenses in what I can only describe as a get rich quick scheme.

According to information obtained by the Northern Star student newspaper through FOIA request shows that NIU and President Doug Baker paid consultant Ron Walters $463,000 in salary from July of 2014 to December 31st of 2014.  The university also appears to have improperly paid Walters $32,000 for traveling from his home in Washington state to Dekalb 19 times.

NIU President Doug Baker, who worked with Walters previously, brought Walters to Northern Illinois to help the University deal with declining enrollment and other issues.

Not counted towards Walters reimbursement is $15,000 in lodging during Walters visits to the campus at the Student Center Hotel.

That is a whole lot of money to help the school come up with some plans.

What a waste of taxpayer money.

And to think the University President is belly aching because Gov. Rauner wants to cuts some funding from the states colleges.

Let’s just hope this situation at NIU doesn’t blossom into what’s happening at the College of DuPage.