Delusional: Lindsey Graham Likes His Chances In Iowa

South Carolina [mc_name name=’Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’G000359′ ] was in Coralville, Iowa Saturday.  The latest in a steady stream of Republican and Democrat presidential hopefuls visiting the state that is home to the nations first presidential votes next year in the Iowa caucuses.

Graham is expected to make his decision about running for the Republican presidential nomination in May.

During his Saturday visit the Quad Cities Times reports that Graham said he liked his chances in Iowa despite him being one of a dozen or more potential Republican candidates.

RealClearPolitics polling doesn’t even have Sen. Graham registering within the top 12 of likely candidates.

At his Iowa stop Graham said that if he did make a run for the presidency he would campaign on a platform on strong robust national security(aka arming more Syrian rebels terrorist), more renewable energy(gotta pander for the ethanol vote), and saving Medicare and Social Security from their pending insolvency.

Knowing Sen. Graham I am surprised that giving amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants wasn’t one of his top three items given his past backing of the Gang of 8 amnesty plan.

According to a Winthrop University poll 6 in 10 South Carolina voters don’t want Graham to run.

If Graham were to run he would be fighting Jeb Bush and Chris Christie for the GOP establishment vote, and he would lose; just like he will lose Iowa should the man nicknamed Grahamnesty decide to run.