Dan Barker, Freedom From Religion Foundation: Religion Harms Equality, Women's/Gay Rights

On Wednesday evening the Northern Illinois University Secular Student Alliance had the co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Dan Barker, as their guest speaker.

During a more than hour-long talk about religion, atheism, the work of the FFRF, and the establishment clause of the First Amendment Barker said in part that the students in attendance and his organization cared about the “inequality and the harm of religion. The harm towards equality and women’s rights and gay rights.”

Later Barker attacked Christians for believing in Jesus because doing so according to Barker is a slap to human nature.

Barker said that, “Some people think the virgin birth of Jesus was a wonderful thing, but others of us see that as a direct slap to human nature. It’s an insult to be told we’re all sinner and deserve eternal Hell, unless we bow down before a being who becomes the dictator of the Universe or else we’re all gonna burn. what a horrible slap to human nature to think that.”