Rep.Kinzinger(R-IL): Important To Show Republican Support For Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Monday at the Illinois Business Immigration Coalition event in Chicago congressman Adam Kinzinger said that is was important for the Republicans and business leaders in attendance that the show their support for comprehensive immigration reform.

Among those speaking at the event where Republican congressman Bob Dold, Aaron “Downton Abbey” Schock, [mc_name name=’Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’K000360′ ], and Gov. Bruce Rauner.  All of whom gave their vocal support to comprehensive immigration reform.

Kinzinger’s comments at the event start at the 44:40 mark in this Youtube video.

As Illinois Review‘s Mark Weyermuller noted when those at the event Monday said comprehensive immigration reform, they really meant amnesty:

Two terms noticeably not uttered by the twenty or so speakers were “amnesty” and “open borders.”  For me, that seemed like the elephant in the room. It is clear this group of Republicans leaders are supporting “comprehensive immigration reform.”

The question should be asked is “What exactly is reform they want?  Is it amnesty or some form of it?”  I guess we should all be “sensible,” whatever that means. That term “sensible” was in the program’s title  along with “moving forward.”

It is odd, but I went to almost the same meeting of Republicans just 11 months ago at the Chicago Club.

Read this Illinois Review story written by Nancy Thorner and myself in April 2014. Not much has changed in nearly a year.

Kinzinger said in part:

I commend Sen. Kirk for his provision in the bill, I’m the sponsor of an act that does the same thing in the House of Representatives that says if you’re a DREAMer serving in the military you get legal status.

I think that at the end of the day we have to come together and recognize that Republicans and Democrats have different concerns and different views but they’re not unbridgeable. Some people are concerned about the presence of the undocumented here as I am, but there’s also people concerned about the security of the border.  I think we can handle both of those…

I appreciate everybody being out here this is a very complicated issue, its important to show the American people, the people of Illinois, and show elected officials that the folks in the area are behind us and supportive of comprehensive immigration.”

In the recent past Kinzinger has voted along with the rest of the GOP House establishment to pass a clean DHS funding bill dropping a fight to stop President Obama’s executive amnesty.  Before voting for a one week extension of DHS funding last month Kinzinger and Dold both voted for a Democrat manuever that would have led to the passage of a clean DHS funding bill as well.

In January when the DHS-executive amnesty funding battle started Kinzinger helped to nearly defeat an amendment that would have stopped both of President Obama’s deferred deportation programs, DACA for illegal immigrants brought to the country as children, and DAPA for the illegal immigrant parents of legal residents or US citizens.

Last month Kinzinger announced his endorsement of amnesty backer Jeb Bush for President in 2016.