Jeb Bush In Iowa: "I'm Not Going To Back Down" From Supporting Common Core

According to the Associated Press, former Florida Gov. and leading GOP establishment Presidential candidate Jeb Bush said at a fundraiser in Des Moines, Iowa that, “I’m not going to back down” from his support of the Common Core education standards.

Bush said, “Raising expectations and having accurate assessments of where kids are is essential for success, and I’m not going to back down on that,”

High school students in many parts of the country have taken part in walk outs over Common Core’s PARCC testing, while other students have either skipped the test altogether( if possible) or have intentionally “blown” it since the test will have zero barring on the college admissions.

Others have complained of the PARCC test questions.  Many educators have had problems with the PARCC test heavy reliance on computers and technology.

And then there is the entire subject of the ridiculous-ness of Common Core math.

Please don’t back down from your support of the disaster that is Common Core Mr. Bush, that way you’ll have next to no chance of even getting past the Iowa caucuses next year.