Gitmo Closing, Thomson Opening

The federal Bureau of Prisons, Democrat congresswoman [mc_name name=’Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B001286′ ], and Sen. “Little” Dick Durbin have formally announced that the CRomnibus spending bill passed last December contained $58.7 million to get Thomson prison in Thomson, IL open.

The Prisons warden and the Bureau of Prisons say the first 200 minimum security inmates will be incarcerated at the prison in the next two to three months.

As I had previously reported, Durbin and Bustos were happy after the passage of the CRomnibus because is contained a large earmark for the Bureau of Prisons of which they could then give tens of millions of dollars to Thomson as it is the only new federal prison needing massive expenditures to get finalized for operations and get staffed.

The federal government bought the unused prison from the state of Illinois in 2012.

With Thomson’s opening, the effort by President Obama to close the terrorist detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and potentially bring Khalid Sheik Mohammed and other hardened terrorist that cannot be sent or taken by another country to the Illinois prison.

We can fully expect new Defense Secretary Ash Carter to speed up the approval process necessary to send more Gitmo terrorist to other countries, something the Obama administration was critical of SecDef Chuck Hagel over.

30 percent or more of those Gitmo terrorist released have rejoined the ranks of terrorist organizations.

At least one of the five senior Taliban commanders released to the custody of Qatar last year in exchange for Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl is reported to have tried to or is in contact with his fellow terrorist around the world.

While provisions in the CRomnibus and the NDAA keep President Obama from bringing Gitmo terrorist into the US outright, that doesn’t mean he won’t ignore the will of Congress.  He was supposed to notify Congress 30 days before releasing any Gitmo terrorist but blatantly ignored that in the Bergdahl deal.

Something else that should have people leery of the very real possibility of Thomson housing Gitmo terrorist is the prevalence of terrorist sympathizers and supporters in the region.

6 Bosnian immigrants from St. Louis, MO, Rockford, IL and Schiller Park, IL are in custody charged with providing money and equipment to ISIS fighters in Syria and Iraq.

A Chicago woman was recently arrested in Canada in a plot to attack a shopping mall.

Last year a Chicago man was killed fighting for ISIS in Syria and a number of people from the Minneapolis area have traveled to Somalia to fight for the Al Qaeda affiliate there Al Shabab which has issued a call for an attack on the Mall of America.

With the world on fire and the terrorist enemy on the march now is not the time to be closing Gitmo.

Opening Thomson prison for normal federal prisoners is fine, but it can never be allowed to be used to detain terrorist, period.

Given President Obama’s track record and public comments that can only be described as dictatorial one cannot expect him to obeyed by the laws passed by Congress.