Bloomington, IL Mayor Censured After Tirade Against Tea Party Blogger

On Friday night the Bloomington city council voted 9-0 to approve a resolution essentially censuring Democrat Mayor Tari Renner after he went on an angry tirade against local Tea Party blogger Daine Benjamin.

On Feb 10th Benjamin wrote on her BLNnews.com blog about the previous nights Bloomington city council including noting that Illinois Wesleyan University student’s were in attendance one of whom was friends with Renner’s son on social media.

That prompted Renner to write the following comment to Benjamin’s blog:

NO! Diane! It shows what an ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL PIECE OF GARBAGE you are -actually worse because garbage can be converted into something useful – you are a TOTAL ABSOLUTE HUMAN CANCER! PLEASE quote me on that! I haven’ checked this site in ages because it’s mostly crazy bullshit -to be charitable! But, WHEN YOU ATTACK MY SON YOU ARE GOING TO PAY THE PRICE YOU SICK DIRTY SLIMY IGNORANT FOOL! And, frankly, that’s raising you to a level you ABSOLUTELY don’t deserve!
Nothing you ever report on this site makes any sense because I will give people anything they want to know about their government. Diane you REALLY are the craziest human being I”ve ever known. This WILL be my last post on this sick site of the worst part of humanity! The fact that some of you still think you’re Christians is PATHETIC! There is a special place in hell for you!

City council members were appalled at Renner’s conduct and said at Friday’s special council meeting:

“How has our public discourse gotten this nasty and vile?” Alderman Scott Black asked during the special council meeting Friday night. “We should take what’s happened as a lesson and learn from it.”

Alderman David Sage said the comments were “unfortunate … there was no excuse, context or reasonable explanation to justify what was said. … The lost of trust and credibility with residents is significant.”

Alderman Mboka Mwilambwe said, “We have a responsibility to use our words carefully, as elected officials, because they have far-reaching impact, much farther than a private citizen.”

Aldermen Judy Stearns and Kevin Lower questioned the legality of the meeting, and Stearns called Renner’s post a “sexist … vile, hateful attack (that) also attacks Christians. It’s appalling, that’s what it is.”

According to city officials this is the first time anyone is aware of that any city official has ever been censured.

Benjamin notes on her blog that Renner has a long history of being rude and abusive towards not only her but some council members.

Renner said at Friday’s council meeting that he accepts responsibility for his actions only time will tell if this causes him to clean up his act.

Copy of Censure resolution available at BLNnews.com