Rep. Adam Kinzinger(RINO-IL) Endorses Jeb Bush For President

It is semi-official Illinois Republican(In Name Only) congressman Adam Kinzinger is endorsing former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to be the GOP nominee for President in 2016 according to his interview with the Bloomington Pantagraph editorial board Tuesday.

Jeb, the brother of former President George W. Bush and son of former President George HW Bush, is the leading candidate for the GOP presidential nomination among the parties liberal-moderate establishment.

It is Jeb Bush’s moderate record, one of supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants and Common Core among others,  that makes Kinzinger want to support him.

Kinzinger naively believes that moderate Republicans do well in the general election. It seems he forgot that moderate Republicans continually lose in presidential elections.  George HW in 1992, Bob Dole in 1996, [mc_name name=’Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M000303′ ] in 2008, Mitt Romney in 2012; all moderate Republicans, all lost badly to Bill Clinton or Barack Obama; and George W. barely won his two elections.

Kinzinger is also of the belief that Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat nominee and maybe hard to beat in the general election telling the Pantagraph.

Kinzinger said he anticipates Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic presidential nomination but could lose momentum before the election.

Kinzinger added “even if it’s Hillary (as president), it will be much better than what we have now, in my view, especially on foreign policy.”

That last bit about Clinton being better than Obama on foreign policy, which is Kinzinger alleged strong suit given his constant media appearances to talk about all military and geopolitical issues, completely flies in the face of reality, a reality Kinzinger saw first had.

In August of 2013 at a town hall meet, of which I was the only journalist present, Kinzinger recalled a closed-door briefing then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had with members of the House of Representatives two days after the Benghazi terrorist attack killed Amb. Chris Stevens, Sean Smith(State) and former Navy SEALS Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty .  According to Kinzinger’s own account during that briefing Clinton yelled at an unidentified member of Congress when they referred to the events as a terrorist attack, this being in the first days of the Obama admin falsely trying to portray the events as a protest gone wrong.

Given the collapse of Libya, an action Clinton’s fingerprints are all over, and the rise of ISIS Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy track record is abysmal.  Remember that whole “reset” button fiasco with Russia.  For Kinzinger to say FP is Clinton’s strong suit is as mind-numbingly stupid as State Department spokes airhead Marie Harf saying ISIS will be defeated if we get them jobs.

Now the reason congressman Kinzinger is endorsing Jeb Bush over the likes of [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ], Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’P000603′ ], and Dr. Ben Carson is because all of them are conservatives, with the exception of Rand Paul who is libertarian.  The GOP establishment has only Jeb Bush and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to pick from as their candidate with Mitt Romney not wanting to try a third time.  Kinzinger has no love for conservatives or the Tea Party.  He has attacked Ted Cruz during the partial government shutdown over Obamacare funding.  He’s attacked Rand Paul saying on ABC’s This Week back in October that a Paul presidential run would be devastating for the Republican Party.

Kinzinger also likely is endorsing Jeb because he is the only one among the listed GOP field that openly embraces amnesty(or comprehensive immigration reform) for illegal immigrants.  Last month Kinzinger chastised his fellow Republicans for voting for a Department of Homeland Security funding bill that prohibits funding for President Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty, saying that allowing deportations of DREAMers sends the “wrong message“.