Union Bosses, Democrats Attack Gov. Rauner's Proposed Reforms

urlIn a shock to absolutely no one Union bosses and Democrat lawmakers across Illinois are attacking Gov. Bruce Rauner’s proposed changes to collective bargaining offered in yesterday’s state of the state address.

Among Rauner’s proposals are giving state workers the option of not joining a union, allowing localities to hold votes on creating mini right-to-work zones that would allow workers to not have to join a union as a condition of employment, prohibiting unions and those that get Medicaid money from the state from making campaign contributions, and allowing local government units to get around project labor agreements and prevailing wage requirements to cut down on the cost of capital projects.  Full run down of union changes can be seen here.

Those rather modest, and might I add common sense, changes are sorely needed in this state but to Hell with fixing this states massive financial woes or improving the job prospect climate union bosses need their members paying dues so they can pay themselves six figure salaries and give large sums of money to Democrat politicians.

Here’s what Unionistas and Democrat lawmakers had to say after yesterday’s state of the state address.

Rep. Mike Smiddy(D-Hillsdale) “Attacking organized labor, which helped create the middle class not only in this state but in this country, is the wrong way of doing business.”

Rep. Pat Verschoore(D-Milan) told the QC Times, “Gov. Rauner’s proposals could reduce wages for middle class families, said state Rep. Pat Verschoore, D-Milan. He said he opposed the proposal to create what Gov. Rauner called “employee empowerment zones” where employees would have the the “freedom to choose whether or not they want to join a union.”

Illinois Federation of Teachers President Dan Montgomery told the AP, Rauner’s proposals won’t make Illinois more competitive. Montgomery also says teachers have endured plenty of sacrifice and “it’s time for corporations and the very wealthy to pitch in.”

AFSCME local 31 head Roberta Lynch is quoted in the New York Times as saying, “Public servants will be disappointed to learn that the governor is pursuing an aggressive agenda to undermine their rights to a voice on the job and in the democratic process,”

Rep. Frank Mautino(D-Spring Valley) told the Ottawa Times, “He disagreed, however, with Rauner’s advocacy of right-to-work zones, where the governor indicated local officials could decide whether union fees would be voluntary for local workers. Mautino referred to economic studies that say right-to-work legislation hasn’t led to job creation or increased wages.”

And Senate President John Cullerton said, “Unfortunately, too much of the governor’s opportunity was squandered with campaign rhetoric that denigrates the reputation of the state,” Cullerton said. “Illinois has made progress since the Great Recession. With each speech that Gov. Rauner delivers, I am reminded that the new governor has a lot to learn if he is to build on our successes in Medicaid reform, workers’ compensation, pension reform, cutting the bill backlog and meeting our obligations.”

Of course Democrats and Union bosses are all butthurt about Rauner’s union reforms because Rauner’s been beating them at every turn.  The unions vehemently didn’t want Rauner to win the GOP nomination hence all the support and money they throw at [mc_name name=’Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’K000360′ ] Dillard.  They definitely didn’t want Rauner to defeat Gov. Pat Quinn in the November election and so pulled out every stop, and class warfare attack they could muster to keep the hapless Pat Quinn in office, that obviously didn’t work.  And now they are dead set against seeing any real, although small, changes that could turn this state around.

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