Sen. Cardin(D-MD): Bring Gitmo Terrorist To US: Meaning Bring Them To Illinois

Club Gitmo
Club Gitmo

On Fox News Sunday Maryland Democrat Sen. Ben Cardin expressed his desire to have terrorist detainees currently held at Guantanamo Bay brought to the US.

 It may not be the time to release these detainees, but it’s certainly past time to close Guantanamo Bay. The cost to the American taxpayers, those funds can be put to much better use in protecting the security of our country.

It’s millions of dollars per inmate that we’re spending to maintain Guantanamo Bay, where we could, if Congress would permit, transfer some to the United States. We know how to keep them safe from the public. Or we could bring them to justice or we could transfer them to other countries where they could handle them. But to continue Guantanamo Bay is not only expensive but it’s also an iconic symbol to the world of a past that we want to move away from.

Since 2009 the only location mentioned as a possible home to Gitmo terrorist has been Thomson Prison in Thomson, IL near the Mississippi River.  The prison was built by the state of Illinois but never opened due to budget constraints.  In recent years the federal government purchased the prison from the state of Illinois and is currently appropriating tens of millions of dollars to get it up and running as well as staffed.

The CRomnibus, as per Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, the #2 Democrat in the Senate, contains tens of millions of dollars which the Bureau of Prisons can use to put the finisihing touches on the prison so that it can open and start receiving prisoners.

Congressional Republicans have for years used the NDAA and the CRomnibus, as well as other budget measures, to institute a prohibition on the Obama administration from bringing any Gitmo terrorist into the United States.  Those Republican measures also forbid the expenditure of any money for the purpose of acquiring or renovating any prison that is meant to house Gitmo terrorist.

President Obama has long opposed those restrictions of the transfer of Gitmo terrorist and given his past disregards for the law and the Constitution.

Several months ago the Obama administration was reported to be looking into an executive order that would close the Guantanamo Bay prison and bring some of the terrorist held there, like 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed, into the country.

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