The One Illegal Immigrant The Obama Admin Isn't Amnestying, Yet

Maria E. Romero
Maria E. Romero

Since President Obama announced his unconstitutional expansion of his executive amnesty in November to allow some 5 million illegal immigrants to stay and work in the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) has released more than 600 illegal immigrants in its custody.

That is on top of the fact that 90% of illegal immigrants who came to the country, including from Central America, in the border surge of the past spring and summer have failed to show up for their immigration hearings.  Tens of thousands of those border surge illegals have been sent by the Obama administration to all parts of the country including as far away as Alaska, Hawaii, and the Virgin Island.

When you combine that with the 36,000 criminal illegal aliens released by the Obama administration last year including murders and rapist, it is easy to come to the conclusion that the Obama administrations policy towards illegal immigrants is to catch and release them.

However, there is one illegal immigrant in Obama’s home state of Illinois that isn’t getting her deportation deferred, or a work permit, or being let out of ICE custody(Sorry Gov. Quinn).

Emilio Perez
Emilio Perez

That woman, is 42 year old Maria Romero who is currently awaiting trial in Rock Island for the hit-n-run death of 17 year old Emilio Perez.

Romero was arrested in September after police and the Perez family spent six months looking for clues in the March hit-n-run death of Perez along I-88 near Joslin, IL.  An anonymous tip led police to Romero and her vehicle in Rockford.

Romero has since been held on an ICE detainer as she awaits trial in March.  All told Romero is facing between 5 and 18 years in prison.

Court records and proceedings show that Romero’s husband Rafael Sosa of Rockford was in the passenger seat at the time of Emilio’s death.  At a hearing Monday $25,000 in bond posted by Romero’s son was returned to him due to the ICE detainer.  Rock Island prosecutor John McGehee says that if Romero is released from federal custody she will have to be returned to the Rock Island jail and faces a $250,000 bond.

What makes this travesty worse is the ironic fact that Emilio is the son of a Cuban immigrant.

Al Perez will be remembering his son with a 5K run fundraiser April 26th in Villa Park with the money to go towards a scholarship in Emilio’s name.

Facebook-Remembering Emilio

*Update: I want to make clear because there seems to have been a little confusion with some readers, Maria Romero is and will remain in custody.  Currently that is ICE, but even if the feds want to let her go they MUST give her to Rock Island authorities.