With More State Legislatures In GOP Control 2015 Will Be The Year Of The Convention Of The States

conventionIn addition to gaining control of the US Senate and adding a dozen seats to its majority in the House of Representatives Republicans on Tuesday also gained control of several state legislatures and that will be crucially important in the next year as the effort begins in earnest to have those legislatures call for an Article V Convention of the States to debate and consider possible constitutional amendments to reign in the federal government.

For weeks before the election best selling author and nationally syndicated talk show host Mark Levin has been telling his listeners that regardless of the outcomes of Tuesdays vote, 2015 will be a year dominated by a push to have an Article V convention.

As Fox News reports Republicans have taken control of the entire Nevada legislature, the Colorado state Senate, the New Mexico House, and the New Hampshire House, to go along with GOP control of the state Senate in New York.

Jim Hoft(The Gateway Pundit) is also reporting that Republicans in Missouri have increased their control of both chambers of the state legislature to massive veto-proof majorities.

With the state legislatures in Florida and Alaska having already approved their applications to force a calling of an Article V convention the political winds are blowing in the favor of those who want to see the federal government tax and spend less, interfere in our daily lives less, and want simple things like congressional and judicial term limits.

Tuesday’s election results clearly show that the American people are not happy with the way Washington has been working(or not working), they don’t want Obamacare as Erick Erickson points out at RedState nearly half of all Democrat Senators who voted for it have been kicked out of office since 2010, and they want politicians to focus on things that matter, like the economy and jobs.

The Convention of the States Project and an army of grassroots volunteers are ready and willing to hammer their state Senators and state Representatives over the next year to try and get them to join on to the Convention effort.

There is a lot of work ahead to get two-thirds of the state legislatures on board with the calling of an Article V Convention but the timing and the setting of the legislative playing field couldn’t be more favorable to the cause of limited government and fiscal responsibility.