Adam Kinzinger's Road To The Senate Goes Through Syria

Rep. Adam Kinzinger
Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger has done some things in the last few days that has cemented his place as the leading establishment Republican to replace Mark Kirk in the United States Senate, should Kirk chose to not seek reelection in 2016.

And Kinzinger’s road to the Senate goes through Syria.

The first item comes from the Lasalle News-Tribune, in which Kinzinger calls for a no-fly zone to be enforced over Syria and since the only military aircraft flying in Syria belong to the Assad regime, Kinzinger is in effect calling on the US to expand our war on ISIS to include Assad:

“After meeting with both moderate military forces and innocent civilians, I am convinced that we need to institute a no-fly zone over Syria,” said Kinzinger. “From indiscriminate barrel bombings to targeted attacks by regime aircraft in civilians neighborhoods, the atrocities perpetuated by Bashar al-Assad’s forces demand a response by the international community for humanitarian reasons alone.”

“Additionally, with the United States and our allies taking the fight to ISIS, Assad now can focus his resources solely on defeating the Free Syrian Army, inevitably committing further atrocities and possibly eliminating the only moderate force in the region. Simply put, a no-fly zone would level the playing field for the Free Syrian Army against both ISIS and Assad. I call on the United States and our allies to immediately begin formulating a plan to restrict the Assad regime’s air capabilities with the hope that we can prevent further humanitarian crises and give the FSA an edge in this fight.”

Just as a quick aside, I guess no one told Kinzinger about the fact that ISIS cockroaches captured an Syrian air base complete with MiG fighter jets, missiles, and more.

The other item comes from WREX about Kinzinger personally getting a group of mostly Christian Syrian rebels to sign an agreement to join the US and our allies in the fight against the genocidal Islamic barbarian horde known as ISIS:

The deal happened Thursday in Turkey and was facilitated by staff from the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee including Kinzinger of Illinois and Rep. George Holding, R-North Carolina.

Under the agreement, moderate Muslim rebel groups fighting under the Supreme Military Council of Syria agreed to form an alliance with the predominantly Christian Syrian Military Council.

CNN reports that the deal calls for the groups to work together to assure any free Syria will be inclusive of all ethnic, religious and political parties.

It is unclear when the group might receive the arms and training they’ve been promised.

In one breath Adam Kinzinger is being as hawkish, if not more so, than Sen. John McCain and in the next he’s doing a lot better job of diplomacy in regards to the Middle East and ISIS than Secretary of State John Kerry.

Add to that a history of attacking conservative and the Tea Party, of going after Sen. Ted Cruz, The Heritage Foundation, The Club for Growth, and FreedomWorks, by name, and being a reliable vote on behalf of the wishes of the GOP establishment this all smells to me of the not so subtle beginnings of a Kinzinger for Senate campaign run.

While Illinois Senator Mark Kirk has made remarkable progress in recovering from his stroke it is still evident from time to time that he hasn’t done so fully.  Poor health, combined with the rigors of a state-wide campaign, in a presidential election year no less ;the odds are slime that Mark Kirk will seek reelection in 2016 given all of that and we haven’t even gotten into the mudslinging that will come from the camp of the eventual Democrat nominee.

Kinzinger is clearly a favorite of the GOP establishment given all of his frequent appearances on the Sunday shows and on Fox News.  The advocates of amnesty like Adam Kinzinger as does former Illinois Republican Party chairman Pat Brady. About the only people who don’t adore congressman Kinzinger are the conservatives in his district who have been hopping mad at him for all of the above and more for the last 5 years.

The stars are lining up for Adam Kinzinger to have an easy path towards the Senate, if a conservative wants to be the Republican Illinois Senate nominee in 2016 they had better get in gear pronto.

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