Moonbat Iowa Mayor Blames Defense Spending, Free Trade Agreements For Immigration Crisis

Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba

At an open borders/amnesty rally put on by Quad Cities area faith leaders on Sunday afternoon in Downtown Davenport, Iowa, Mayor Bill Gluba proceeded to blame the current flood of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from Central America into the Rio Grande Valley of Texas on defense and military spending since the early 1960s as well as free trade agreements.

Gluba claimed that had the US not spent trillions fighting the Vietnam War, Ronald Reagan’s defense build up(which helped end the Cold War), the first Gulf War, Bill Clinton’s military mission to Kosovo, and the War of Terrorism and instead spent that money raising the “quality of life” for people in Central and South America then the nation would not be faced with a flood of illegal immigrants.

Gluba also claimed that the North American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA) and the Central America Free Trade Agreement(CAFTA) had disastrous economic impacts on Latin America and is a source of economic hardship and poverty which is compelling many to leave their homelands and head north to America.

Of course all of that completely ignores the fact that many of the illegal immigrants being apprehended by the Border Patrol are telling them that the reason they are coming to the United States illegally is because they expect or where told that President Obama has or would grant them amnesty and allow them to stay in the United States.

Mayor Gluba is openly working with the Obama administration to bring up to 200 illegal immigrant children to Davenport.  During his speech Sunday Gluba stated that Davenport had submitted four potential sites to the administration to consider.

Gluba also mentioned that a conference call recently took place between the White House and the Mayors and community leaders from 75 cities across the country brain storming on how to bring even more illegal immigrants into those communities.

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