Dem Challenger To Rep. Adam Kinzinger Thinks Two Masters Degrees And Wanting To Raise The Min. Wage Qualifies Him For Congress

The Democrat seeking to unseat Illinois congressman Adam “The Young John McCain” Kinzinger, Randall Olsen, spoke with the Dixon Telegraph recently and boy is he continuing the areas Democrats habit of throwing up the weakest opponents to challenge for the 16th congressional district.

According to Mr. Olsen because he has two Masters degrees(Divinity and Psychology) and because he wants to raise the nation’s minimum wage to $15 an hour, he’s qualified to be a member of Congress.

From the Dixon Telegraph:

“I just got really, really tired of all the obstructionism, the lack of cooperation that seems to be so dominant in Washington,” he said Tuesday during a town hall meeting in Council Chambers at City Hall. “And so I figured this is my call, I guess.”

After getting an undergraduate degree from Troy State University in 1984, Olsen began working on a master’s degree in psychology from Auburn University, he said, because both had classes offered close to the Air Force base where he was stationed in Alabama.

In 1995, he received a master’s degree in divinity from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. He said the two master’s degrees helped qualify him for Congress from the 16th District.

Among his biggest priorities are job creation and raising the minimum wage, he said.

He said $15 a hour is a reasonable minimum wage, as long as there is a gradual increase to that level. Once the minimum wage is increased, he said, he wants it to be tied to the success or failure of the economy.

“I’m a moderate Democrat,” Olsen said. “And I’m willing to listen to anybody who’s got an idea. If you think you can improve the lives of the people, and in particular my constituents in the 16th [district], I’m willing to listen. I’ll hear you out.”

Mr. Olson, a retired Air Force vet, and recent retiree from one of Rockford’s hospitals, also said something else that got this political observers attention. ” If elected, he said, he will most likely try to get on the House Agriculture Committee.”

Any congressional candidate that is talking about committee assignments in the middle of the summer(or about the pork they’ll bring home) is someone who is going to Washington for the wrong reasons.

Committee assignments and pork are not the goals of a good citizen legislator.

No matter how badly I want to be rid of Adam Kinzinger as my congressman, there is no way I could back replacing him with someone who is as bad or worse in terms of political instincts.(Just search site archives to see how big an issue I have with Adam and his attacks on conservatives, the Tea Party, and Sen Ted Cruz)

This isn’t the first time 16th CD Democrats have put up a real loser of a candidate to face Kinzinger.

In 2012 Occupy Rockford activist and other hardcore progressives got the Democrat Party to place Wanda Rohl on the ballot.  Wanda was an open socialist.

If some hubris wasn’t enough to make Olsen an underdog of underdogs in a heavily Republican district, according to his campaign website Mr. Olsen also supports continued federal funding of Planned Parenthood, supports “Cap and Trade”, and wants to give all illegal immigrants(he calls them undocumented) some pathway to citizenship or legal status.

Mr. Olsen you are toast as a candidate.

Now back to try and find someone to challenge Kinzy for 2016 in the GOP primary(assuming he doesn’t go for Mark Kirk’s Senate seat).

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