Lib Ghoul Threatens To Rape Teen Daughter Of Leading Obamacare Critic

Insurance broker and Chicago Tea Party leader C. Steven Tucker is one of the leading critics of Obamacare having done multiple appearances over the last four years on Fox News and Fox Business Channels and regularly appearing on talk radio shows based out of the Midwest(Joe Walsh Show, Chicks On The Right).

Last fall Tucker gained even more notoriety when he helped cancer patient Bill Elliot regain his health insurance after it was cancelled thanks to Obamacare, story here. They both then went on to become apart of another story when they where both audited by the IRS following Bill’s story, and Steve’s help to him, ran on Fox News.

Steven also happens to be the father of two teenage daughters.

So you can imagine his response when a liberal ghoul out of Florida took to Twitter Wednesday and threatened to rape one of his daughters.


After this threat was made Tucker filled a complaint against @common_alias whose real name is Preston Smith of Miami, Florida with the FBI. According to Smith’s Facebook profile his is a member of the American Socialist Democratic Party and a self-described atheist. The threat to rape Steve Tuckers daughter, who I will have you know is very well versed in the use of the Second Amendment(as is the whole Tucker family), appears to have been triggered after Steve sent out the following tweet regarding the call to impeach President Obama which gained traction yesterday following former VP candidate Sarah Palin’s piece at Breitbart.


Preston responded at first with this tweet.


After that is when the rape threat was made.

A review of the rest of Preston’s twitter feed shows someone who is A) a backer of Hillary Clinton for President in 2016, B) really hates religion, C) has contempt for the economic growth of the Reagan years, and D) appears to support granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. O’ and he does all of that with a potty mouth(or keyboard).

And the left says we conservatives are the ones waging a “war on women”.

Stay classy Preston and please let the FBI know what you really think when they come knocking on your door in the next day or two.


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