Term Limits: The Cure For Thad Cochran And Other Career Politicians

Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel
Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel

Despite the best efforts of Karl Rove, the US Chamber of Crony Capitalism, Haley Barbour, Mitt Romney, and the GOP establishment career politicians, the regulars of the DC social scene, the ones who can always be counted one to vote against principles(and the people), have suffered defeats this primary season, Dave Brat taking out House majority leader Eric Cantor in Virginia being the most obvious.

While Thad Cochran many have, at least temporarily, held onto his Senate seat in Mississippi using some of the dirtiest campaign tricks in the book that doesn’t mean that he and other career Washington insiders who have survived the primary season(Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Lindsey Graham) are safe; not by a long shot.

Going forward the only real way the Tea Party and the conservative grassroots will be able to truly rid Congress of politicians that have been there too long and have become too enamored with power, influence, and pork is to set fixed  term limits on them and force the halls of Congress to once again become the home of citizen legislators.

Here in Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner is spearheading an effort to amend the Illinois Constitution so that lawmakers in Springfield are held to a limit of 8 years in office.

There is no reason why Tea Partiers and conservatives upset that Matt Bevin didn’t defeat 30 year incumbent Mitch McConnell, or that J.D. Winteregg didn’t beat 30 year incumbent Speaker John Boehner shouldn’t get behind the effort to hold an Article V Convention of States so that by amendment to the Constitution, members of Congress would be term limited; I favor Mark Levin’s 12 years total House and/or Senate and you are out.

The Republican Senate campaign arm, the Chamber of Commerce, and former Gov. Haley Barbour poured millions of dollars into Mississippi to protect a creature of Washington that does what he is told and doesn’t rock the boat and keep a conservative out of office.

For more than 40 year Thad Cochran has inhabited the Washington cesspool.  In Kansas Dr. Milton Wolf is trying to oust another member of the 40 plus years in Washington club Pat Roberts.

It shouldn’t take decades in order for the people to have turnover in their Representatives.

It is rather obvious given how hard they are trying to retain their seats that these career politicians won’t give up a life in Washington easily, and will fight with everything they have to hold on to power. such as the racist robocalls and fliers distributed in Mississippi on behalf of Thad Cochran.

George Mason and our Founding Fathers gave the people a mean in the Constitution to address this kind of abuse and it is high time we urge our state legislatures to do just that.

And not just to balance the budget as some want, but to also limit the terms of Congress, at the very least(#LibertyAmendments)

There is a cure for the Thad Cochran’s of the world, not to mention the rest of the career politicians in Washington on both sides of the aisle, and its name is called Convention of States.

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