The Embarrassingly Sorry State Of Illinois

As a lifelong resident of Illinois I feel ashamed.

I hold my head low because of the embarrassingly sorry state of politics here.

From the state that gave the nation the community organizer-in-chief comes a whole host of topics, issues, and events, that would make Abe Lincoln and Ronald Reagan denounce ever having lived in this state.

When Speaker of the House John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, John McCain and the other RINO establishment Republicans work with President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi to give the 11-20 million illegal immigrants estimated to be in the country amnesty, the nation will weep.

I will weep slightly more because Republicans from Illinois will provide the bulk of the support for it.

Last week congressman’s Adam “Bombs Away” Kinzinger and Aaron “Schlock” Schock each released internet videos endorsing “comprehensive immigration reform” Washington political class speak for amnesty.

At about the same time an arm of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce joined with some of Illinois’ business bigwigs, including the head of Exelon, for an event in Chicago put on by former Speaker of the House Denny Hastert, now a DC lobbyist, and joined by former Governor Jim Edgar, Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka, Gov. nominee Bruce Rauner, and US Senate nominee Jim Oberweis, to taught the need for and glory of amnesty.

Breitbart-Hastert Gathers Chicago Republicans to Push Amnesty

On the campaign trail Senator Mark Kirk caused a rash of face palms last month when he publicly refused to endorse Jim Oberweis after he won the primary to challenge “Little” Dick Durbin. Kirk’s rationale for not wanting to help dump Durbin was because his friendship with Durbin was more important. Granted in recent days Kirk is starting to warm to the idea of helping Oberweis(might have something to do with him backing amnesty).

Illinois’ continued shame hasn’t been helped by Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis and his brush with Soviet style thuggery. Ardis’ has been making national headlines because he sent police to execute a search warrant against a “parody” Twitter account that among other things alluded to the Mayor doing drugs and frequenting prostitutes. The Mayor has been citing his first amendment rights and a law prohibiting the impersonation of government officials(which wasn’t violated because the law doesn’t cover internet postings) as his justifications for displaying contempt for the basic civil liberties of the people of Peoria.


Not even our states college camp i are safe from being sources of embarrassment. First there was the plaque at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago saying that Abraham Lincoln, the Father of the Republican Party, was a Democrat. Now a group of Pro-Palestinian student at DePaul made a scene when they disrupted a speech by Lt.Col Allen West when he started to talk about the terrorist history of the Palestinians and the PLO.

Want to feel really bad for the residents of Illinois the read the iinvestigative series in the Dixon Telegraph by reporter David Giuliani about the gross mismanagement going on in Coloma Township in Whiteside County. As David has uncovered the township has gone years without any property tax revenue because the state and county withheld it due to the township not filling proper financial and reporting documents in a timely fashion, and in some cases not at all for many years. It has also been learned that an outside audit, recently upgraded to a full forensic audit, nearly a year old cannot be completed due to missing and incomplete documents. All this because ONE township official appears to have been extremely lazy.

Speaking of investigations typical of Illinois politics, Adam Andrejewski and Open The Books, have discovered that Democrats and the Unions have been giving a lot of money to a CapitalFax blogger, to the tune of over half a million dollars. Open The Books has also learned that Governor Pat Quinn’s administration has been giving out no bid contracts wroth millions of dollars to companies that appear to be gaming the immigration system for high skill specialized foreign labor. Adam and Open The Books has also unearthed the fact that nearly every senior department head within the Quinn administration is not in compliance with required aspects of the Freedom of Information Act and the Open Meetings Act. There is also the lingering question about what really happened to $50 million in anti-violence money that seems to have disappeared from state coffers and reappeared in Pat Quinn’s 2010 election campaign.

Something that Pat Quinn wishes he could make disappear permanently is his Twitter account, because that has gotten him into trouble the last few days after he retweeted a column from the Chicago Sun-Times that equated black Republicans with Nazi collaborators.

If that isn’t disgusting enough we also have this from Southern Illinois congressman Brad Schneider who refused, twice, to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance before the start of an event in his district.

No discussion of the embarrassingly sorry state of Illinois politics would be complete with mention of our not so benevolent Dictator, Speaker of the House, and Chairman of the Illinois Democrat Party, Michael Madigan. It seems that Michael is upset at the Tea Party because, some objections were made(ironically by a non-Tea Party House Republican) to the idea of the state of Illinois spending $100 million we don’t have to help finance and build a Presidential Library for Barack Obama. Thankfully it seems that what was going to be a quick check sent to Organizing for America isn’t going to be cut, and we Tea Partiers actually had very little to do with it, but we’ll take the credit anyway, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.

Just this brief look at what has been going on in Illinois makes me want to go join all my friends you have relocated to Texas in the last year, but I’m not going to do it.

Even though my beloved home state is an embarrassment right now politically, and I didn’t even get to Chicago’s sky-high murder rate, our pension crisis, Chicago’s looming bankruptcy, all the tax increases Chicago Democrats are trying to push, or the fact that we have all kinds of dead people and otherwise ineligibles on our Medicaid rolls, I’m not going to leave her when she needs me and my fellow conservatives the most.

Illinois is a sorry state, but it won’t always be that day, and I plan on being here to write that story.