How Long Untill Rep. Adam Kinzinger Backs Bombing Russia/Ukraine

Rep. Adam Kinzinger
Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger is quickly becoming a textbook diffinition of an interventionist.

Just a few months ago congressman Kinzinger was calling for the US military, of which he is a member, to start bombing targets inside of Iraq because predictably Al Qaeda terrorist had resurfaced there.

Before that congressman Kinzinger was one of the leading voices calling for the US to bomb the Assad regime in Syria over the use of chemical weapons. Kinzinger so badly wanted to be a part of the bombing effort in Syria that he begged the White House and Obama administration to get in touch with him so he could help sell our intervining in a terrorist on terrorist civil war to other members of Congress.

Now with Russia and Vlad Putin invading a portion of Ukraine, just like he did in 2008 with the nation of Georgia, congressman Kinzinger is once again leading the charge for intervention.

In appearances and interviews the last few days congressman Kinzinger has been calling for international consequences for Putin’s actions in Ukraine such as increase US energy production and exports to Europe and wanting Western nations to seize Putin’s assets held abroad among other action items.

While congressman Kinzinger is not yet calling for military action in Ukraine if past is prologue Adam Kinzinger will begin pushing for military action against Putin and the Russian should they continue to occupy Ukrainian territory.

God help us all if things get to that point.

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