Rep. Adam Kinzinger Is A Slimmer Version Of Chris Christie

On Sunday Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger was on ABC’s This Week and publicly became one of only a few Republicans nationally to come to the aid of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie(along with Karl Rove).  Kinzinger effectively stood by Christie and all but endorsed his bid for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.

It is only natural that an establishment Republican like Adam Kinzinger would do this for what was the GOP establishments leading contender to face off against Hillary Clinton.


Because when Adam Kinzinger looks into a mirror he sees a slimmer version of Chris Christie doing a John McCain impersonation.(Kinzinger also used that ABC appearance to push for the US military to bomb Fallujah in Iraq.)

Chris Christie and Adam Kinzinger are both members of the Republican party establishment in good standing with big futures head of them in the eyes of some.  Christie for President, Kinzinger possibly as a replacement for Illinois Senator Mark Kirk who may have to resign in the future due to his stroke a few years ago.

With Christie grabbing all the headlines over people close to him using governmental power to retaliate against political opponents many, thanks to Rush Limbaugh, are being reminded that Chris Christie has a history of attacking, usually in subtle ways people he and or the GOP establishment don’t like. Christie gave that lame keynote speech at the RNC convention and swapped spit with President Obama following Hurricane Sandy presumably out of spite for not being picked to be the VP. Christie also scheduled New Jersey’s special Senate election between Steve Lonegan and Corey Booker ahead of his own reelection for Governor making sure Lonegan didn’t garner any coattails for Christie’s big win.  There is also the fact that Christie didn’t help out Virginia’s Ken Cuccenelli who was also running for Governor at the same time as Christie.

Adam Kinzinger displays the same habit’s and tendencies in that regard as Christie but he is more out front and open about attacking conservatives and the Tea Party than Christie having gone after publicly former congressman Don Manzullo(a lifelong solid conservative), Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and groups like Heritage Action, FreedomWorks, and Club For Growth.

Even on the issues Kinzinger and Christie are reflections of the same moderate Republican establishment mindset.

When more than half the states where challenging Obamacare New Jersey was oddly absent from the list and that was because Christie refused to simply sign his name to a piece of paper, that is all he had to do and New Jersey was a part of the legal challenge that ended up before the Supreme Court. It isn’t like Christie had to run a half marathon or anything.

Adam Kinzinger on the other hand openly scoffed and ridiculed the attempt by Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to rally the public and the Republican Party to the effort to defund Obamacare in the Continuing Resolution.  Kinzinger objected because he thought the eventual partial government shutdown would cost Republicans the majority in the House of Representatives in 2014(not that he would personally have to worry being in one of the safest Republican districts in the country thanks to Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan’s redrawn maps).

The pattern between then goes even further, although differs due to the offices held.

Christie has put real radical liberals on the bench in New Jersey, been weak on the 2nd amendment, and recently backed giving in-state tuition to illegal immigrants(the New Jersey DREAM Act).  Meanwhile as a member of the House who is a major ally of House leadership Adam Kinzinger has voted for deals, the Ryan-Murray budget deal being the latest, that have cut pension and disability benefits to our Veterans, raised taxes on small business owners, increased the debt limit, gave federal workers a pay raise, and has left Obamacare alone.  Also, don’t be surprised to see Adam Kinzinger vote for whatever version of amnesty Speaker John Boehner introduces in the House following the filling deadline for Republican primaries.

This stuff matters because both Adam Kinzigner and Chris Christie have ambition.

Obviously Christie is the prime choice of the GOP establishment to be the nominee in 2016, the talk of only Christie can beat Hillary is starting.

David Hale, who is challenging Kinzinger in the March primary, thinks Kinzinger is setting himself up to be made the replacement for Illinois Senator Mark Kirk should he retire from office due to a stroke.

The prospect of either of these men, both of whom have proven to be great attack dogs against conservatives and the Tea Party but not President Obama or the Democrats, being in higher office is terrifying.

Say hello amnesty, hello Bush level profligate spending, reckless military intervention, and even more Republican pandering to subgroups of Americans.

We don’t need that.

Every thing good about Adam Kinzinger(pro business, pro energy) and Chris Christie(takes on unions/media) can be found in other people.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Michigan Gov. Rick Synder took it to the unions.

Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, Mike Pence are all doing wonderful jobs as Governors as has outgoing Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

As a true Tea Party conservative David Hale supports business(free enterprise), but has also advocated for limited government, the FAIR Tax, and has been fighting Obamacare from the beginning.

While Adam Kizinger has been pushing to have us start bombing Syria and Iraq, David Hale has been doing the grassroots work to advance the flag of liberty and the principles of conservatism and the Tea Party(concealed carry, education events on the Constitution, etc).

The media circus that has transpired lately over Christie’s bridgegate(which isn’t new since Christie is always a walking self publicized media circus) and the Republican Party’s insistence that Adam Kinzinger be the new young face of the House Boehner loyalist, helped by his repeated appearances on ABC and Fox News, is sickening.

Lets break this mirror.

David Hale along with people such as Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum deserve to be in the spotlight and offices Kinzinger has and Christie wants.