Don't Fear Using The Constitution To Save Our Nation

On Monday night AM 560 The Answer host Joe Walsh took a call from a man in the Chicagoland area who used his air time to tell people not to go down the Article V path to amend the Constitution in order to address such issues as a balanced budget and congressional term limits.

This caller said that those who are leading this effort are false and phony conservatives and that if 2/3 of the states did hold a convention of the states then the entire Constitution would be opened up and presumably further eroded or weakened by liberals.

Our caller also wanted people to be wary of the members of the state legislature, particularly in Indiana, who are backing the Article V process.

All of this is absolutely folly on the part of this caller.

We should not fear using the Constitution in order to save our nation for many of the problems we are facing.

Article V of the Constitution lays out two methods for amending the Constitution.  One is for a super-majority of both chambers of Congress to propose an amendment and then send it to the states for ratification(3/4). The other is for 2/3 of the state legislatures to call for a convention to propose amendments to the states, again requiring 3/4 of which to ratify.

It is that second process for amending the Constitution that this caller was referring to.

There is no possible way under that process for the entire Constitution to be “opened up”, the Constitution itself forbids such an action.  Furthermore if liberals or others should somehow manage to get a dangerous or destructive amendment out of the convention 3/4 of the states would still have to ratify such an amendment and do you really think the state legislatures in say Texas, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana, and other solid states would allow such a thing to happen.

And our caller should play a little bit closer attention to Indiana because the state legislature there has passed to statutes governing any possible delegates to any convention of the states including how the state legislature could remove a delegate if they got out of line.

In early December some 100 state lawmakers from around 30 states gathered at Mt. Vernon in Virginia to layout the ground work for a convention and to plan to meet this summer in Indianapolis to agree upon rules for a convention.

I of course would be remiss if I didn’t mention that this whole discussion about the Article V process was started earlier this year by best selling author and nationally syndicated talk show host Mark Levin with the release of his new book The Liberty Amendments.

In the book Mark lays out his reasoning, which are similar for everyone involved in wanting to see the Article V process proceed, for why we have to by-pass Congress and got to our state legislatures to enact amendments to the Constitution to rectify many of our nations ills.

In The Liberty Amendments, Mark calls for such things as term limits on members of Congress and the Supreme Court, granting override authority to the states on Supreme Court decisions and certain regulations, an amendment capping federal taxes and capping federal spending, moving tax day to the day before elections, making Senators once again selected by state legislatures and more.

With this nation facing $17 trillion in debt, $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities, a Congress that only gets together to increase the size and scope of the government, an imperial President(Obama) acting like a Dictator blatantly ignoring the Constitution, and a court system that rewrites the Constitution, we really don’t have any other recourse that to use Article V in order to save us.

Just trying to win the Senate and the Presidency isn’t enough.

Continuing with the status quo given the situation we are in is the equivalent of banging ones head up against a brick wall.

Our nation is in serious peril and we cannot fear using the Constitution, Article V, to try and save us.

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