GOP Operative Calls Conservatives And Tea Partiers "Uneducated" "Toxic Losers" "Neanderthals" And Ted Cruz Stupid

Frank Dyke
Frank Dyke

Frank Dyke is an area captain with the Winnebago County Republican Party and precinct committeeman in Rockford first ward who most of you have never heard of.  That needs to change because what Frank has had to say in the last few days about conservatives, the Tea Party, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and congressional candidate and Tea Party leader David Hale is important because it illustrates the mindset and mentality of the neo-Statists that make up the GOP establishment and helps explain why they have been attacking conservatives, the Tea Party, and especially Ted Cruz with gusto recently.

One of my readers Aaron tipped me off to a comment Dyke had made on Illinois congressman Adam Kinzinger’s Facebook page and an ensuing exchange I had with him will leave you breathless and disgusted(at him).

fd1In the Facebook post Dyke wrote:

Hey, all you pseudo-conservative trolls out there, Republicans lost not because of Rep. Adam Kinzinger, but because you keep nominating toxic idiots who then lose in general elections.  If Aiken in MO and Murdoch in IN weren’t the nominees in 2012 and Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle in 2010 we’d have the Senate as well as the House, and the debate over the budget would have gone very differently.  However, its right-wing crank like you that make Republicans lose elections, so we can’t win these bloody budget battles.  This leaves our Republican congressmen no choice besides status quo and total nihilism.  If you don’t like how the budget debate is going, you have no one to blame but yourselves. Talk of RINOs doesn’t help us win budget battles.  Winning elections does.

For the record Todd Aiken won a three-way primary in Missouri and yes things might have been better had Sarah Silverman, who was endorsed by Sarah Palin and was my preferred candidate in that race, won.  The only other option in Indiana than Richard Mourdock was to reelect Richard Lugar, a guy who hadn’t lived in Indiana for decades and was a more reliable Democrat vote than he was for the Republicans.  Christine O’Donnell in Delaware was attacked by Republican establishment figures like Karl Rove the minute she beat RINO Mike Castle making her uphill climb in Delaware even tougher.

After reading that Facebook comment by Frank Dyke I reached out to him and he had some additional things to say.

When asked about the election loses of moderate Republicans like Mitt Romney, John McCain, Bob Dole, Tommy Thompson, Linda McMahon and others Dyke said, “Romney lost because he took outrageously xenophobic policy positions in the primary debates.  He got exactly half the Latino vote that G. W. Bush got in 2000 and 2004.  If he nearly equaled Bush w/ Latinos BO would be a 1-termer.  Linda McMahon was running in CT, a very left of center state, no R could ever win there.  McCain in 2008 represented an electoral repudiation of any Republican in a collapsing economy.  We could have run Jesus in 08 and still lost.  Dole was hurt by the shutdown in ’96 (so if you actually crack a real history book you can see evidence that shutting down the government does not help Republicans).  Tommy Tompson also lost in a Dem sweep year (for WI).”

It should be noted that Byron York of the Washington Examiner did the math and had Mitt Romney gotten 44 percent of the Hispanic vote, which is what George W. Bush got, Romney would have still lost the presidency.  Even if Mitt Romney had gotten 70 percent of the Hispanic vote the outcome still would have been the same, a reelection of Barack Obama.  Also if the shutdown in ’95/’96 had been so bad for Republicans as Dyke contends why did the GOP pick up two Senate seats and maintain control of the House or Representatives?

When I asked Dyke about Rockford Tea Party leader David Hale who is running against Adam Kinzinger in the March 2014 GOP primary Dyke brought out the long knives saying, “I think David Hale is a walking argument for more investment in mental health in Illinois.  The guy is stupid wrapped in crazy wrapped in a wobbly 3rd grader scribble of an American flag.  Of course I welcome candidates discussing and debating their ideas.  Frankly, the more the public understands Hale’s positions, the less votes he will get.  I think Kinzinger could be doing a better job, but if you want to replace him AND strengthen our position in the House, run someone who won’t get other Rs in swing districts in trouble. If, by some unfortunate series of events, that lunatic Hale wins the primary, he will likely be going to Washington.  If such a thing were to happen, his idiocy would not only be obvious to the folks in the stateline, but to the entire country (which the media would be only too happy to help) and the Republican Party’s credibility would be further diminished.  As far as I am concerned, being a part of the Tea Party is like tattooing “DUMB ****” across one’s own forehead.”

Dyke wasn’t done being venomous because he had this to say when questioned about the attacks Adam Kinzinger has made against Ted Cruz, the Tea Party, and conservatives, “I think attacking stupidity and the bags of meat it lives in is appropriate.  Cruz has done irreparable harm to our chances of taking the Senate in 2014, and if it wasn’t for the outstanding job of gerrymandering done by our Republicans in other states, might cost us the House, too. Right now we have pseudo-conservatives calling for policies that are a) never going to happen in this country b) so idiotic other Rs are soiled by association and hurt electorally and c) morally repugnant.  I hear activists say we should deport all 11 million illegal aliens (a 21st century Trail of Tears), outlaw homosexuality, and prohibit early-term abortions in cases of rape.  None of these positions is in the national or IL state party platform (for good reason) but somehow this filth keeps bubbling to the surface.  Additionally, positions like these make Republicans LOSE ELECTIONS!!!  If you really want to shrink government’s role in society, like I do, it makes ZERO sense to say and do things that cost Republicans elections, because the Dems that laugh all the way to victory lane sure aren’t going to reign in Uncle Sam.”

For the record I have never heard a single Republican, conservative, or Tea Party leader call for deporting all illegal immigrants, banning homosexuality, or abortions for rape victims.  What I have heard are principled leaders wanting those millions of illegals to self-deport or to be deported when they are encountered by law enforcement during their normal police activities. And as far as Senator Cruz’s intelligence is concerned lets remember Ted Cruz graduated from Harvard Law where Alan Dershowitiz called him one of his smartest students, clerked for Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist, taught at the University of Texas school of law, and was the Solicitor General for the state of Texas arguing several cases before the Supreme Court.

After those comments by Dyke I wanted to get his opinion of two passages from Mark Levin’s books Liberty and Tyranny(last two paragraphs of chapter 1) and Ameritopia(part of two paragraphs near the end of the epilogue) that talk about what a conservative is and the Tea Party and he said, “Both are talking about a Tea Party that does not exist. The one I have observed is characterized by ignorance and fear of education. The Tea Partiers I know are uneducated and superstitious, leading simple lives devoid of curiosity or science. They may have mastered their trade, but matters of state are so above their heads they might as well be a different species.  They are like simple neanderthals attempting to understand the advances of the 21st century. Yes, I do think that the ‘governance by agency’ that today defines our Federal Government presents a clear and present danger to our liberty and continues to spread like a cancer throughout our society. However, when I go looking for someone to help kill the cancer, I will seek out the aid of the most educated and competent doctor I can find and leave the neanderthal to his clubs and rocks.”

As has been reported in the last few days a Yale professor did a study of the scientific knowledge of various political groups and found that members of the Tea Party had a higher rate of scientific comprehension than the average person so Dyke’s attack on Tea Partiers intelligence is completely off base.

If you couldn’t tell Frank Dyke has a very low opinion of social issues and conservative positions on those issues which is why I want to point out that according to Dyke’s Facebook profile he self-identifies as an atheist which is rather odd considering that same profile notes that he attended Rockford Christian high school(not exactly a place an atheist would want to attend give Rockford has 4 public high schools) and graduated from Rockford College(now called Rockford University) which is a private institution that was founded as a womans seminary, again not exactly the kind of place an atheist would want to attend given the fact that there are literally thousands of public secular colleges and universities across the country.

There is also one other thing about Frank Dyke that I want to point out to help illustrate that he is a genuine neo-Statist.  Up until this summer Frank was a corporate support representative for WNIJ radio in Dekalb, IL.  WNIJ is Northern Illinois’ National Public Radio(NPR) affiliate.  That there says a lot about why Frank would say and think the things he did about conservatives and the Tea Party, he spent countless hours working for a station, and undoubtedly with co-workers, that have nothing but dripping contempt for conservatives and the Tea Party and thinks the only good Republican is one that agrees with and tries desperately to get along with radical liberal Democrats.

The Winnebago Country Republican Party and its central committee would be well served to end its relationship with Frank Dyke, because according to sources I have close to and within the Winnebago county GOP this isn’t the first time Frank has said some outrageous things.