Illinois High School Students Given Death Panel Assignment

Sarah Palin endured endless mockery and condemnation when she first used the term “death panel” to describe what Obamacare will do to healthcare in the country.

Since then it has been shown that there are indeed death panels in Obamacare, namely the Secretary of Health and Human Services, currently Kathleen Sebelius(see the case of a young lung transplant patient), and the IPAB board that will tell the nations Medicare recipients what treatment they will and will not receive.

Now the death panels are coming to our high schools.

Champion News’s Lennie Jarratt reports that social studies students at St. Joseph Ogden High School outside of Champaign, IL were recently given an assignment that had them picking a choosing what people should get medical treatment.


The assignment reads:

The following ten people have a problem.  They are all in desperate need of kidney dialysis.  Unless they receive this procedure they will die.  The local hospital has enough machines to support six people.  That means four people are not going to live.  You must decide from the information below which six will survive.  Next to each person’s short biography there is a line where you place a score.  Put the people in order using 1-10, 1 being the person you want to save first and 10 being the person you would save last.  You are only to use the information provided.

Those ten people were:

-35 year old white housewife, married with 2 kids

-65 year old Latino male Doctor, married with no kids

-60 year old black lawyer, married with one kid

-9 year old disabled white girl

-20 year old white male college student

-40 year old black male, ex-con(manslaughter), married with 2 kids

-23 year old white female prostitute, with one kid

-35 year old black male teacher, married with no kids

-55 year old white female minister, marred with 2 kids

-47 year old black male police officer, divorced with no kids

Whoever filled out the copy of the assignment given to Champion News decided that the cop, the disabled girl, the ex-con, and the college student should die.  This person also thought that the Doctor was the most important person to save followed by the lawyer, the teacher, the prostitute, the housewife, and the minister.

The offensiveness of this assignment is beyond description.

And is only made worse by the people whose lives this person who filled it out was worth saving and those who were not.

I know this assignment was apparently about ethics but still, the life of a child should have been placed at the top of this list.

Furthermore, any ethical person would try to save everyone on this list by either sending them to another hospital or private dialysis center, procuring more dialysis machines, looking into experimental treatments, getting these people kidney transplants, etc.



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