Time For Tough Love In America

The following is an excellent letter to the editor by Randy from Grayslake that was read by AM 560 WIND host Joe Walsh during his show Tuesday night.

Time for “tough love” in America

We have become a nation of “blame the other guy for our problems” instead of accepting responsibility for our own repetitive bad decisions and bad behavior. While 90% of Americans complain about the political cesspool that is Washington DC (as is Springfield Illinois!); they seem to forget that 96% of the time, they keep reelecting the same corrupt and/or incompetent politicians. Worse than those people that reelect the same corrupt politicians; are the roughly 75% of Americans that don’t bother to vote in the primaries or the roughly 42.5% of Americans that didn’t vote in the last presidential election while they complain about those bad politicians. Not paying attention to politics and not voting in a democracy is reprehensible, gross negligence, and pathetic. Those people that don’t vote don’t deserve the right to complain nor do they deserve respect from their peers. As Pericles said 2,400 years ago, “Any citizen that doesn’t pay attention to politics has no right to live in Athens.” The people in Detroit reelected the same horrific, corrupt, and destructive Democrat party representatives for 60 consecutive years as they watched those Democrats destroy the wealthiest city in the USA (maybe the world) and turn it into a bankrupt third world city. As tragic as it is, the remaining 700,000 citizens of Detroit (1.1 million or 60% fled Detroit) who reelected the same corrupt party for 60 years deserve the pain that they are now suffering. Allowing people to suffer for their irrational or poor decisions is part of the “tough love” that is going to be required for people to wake up and act like adults again. There is no such thing as a “free lunch”. Time to grow up America to save our children’s futures!