The 27 GOP Senators That Need To Be Tarred And Feathered For Not Defunding Obamacare


Thanks to 27 weak knead, spineless, gutless, Republican establishment hacks in the United States Senate Harry Reid was able to use parliamentary tactics to reinsert Obamacare funding into the Continuing Resolution that the House of Representatives had taken out and send the CR back to the House for another vote.

Because of the actions of 25 Republican Senators, and the inaction of two more, one of our best and last chances to stop Obamacare before it further ruins our nation, the economy, and our system of health care, has been deliberately torpedoed.

All those 27 GOP Senators had to do today was to vote “NO” on cloture for the Continuing Resolution bill and we at this point in time could very well be on our way to killing Obamacare before it literally kills this nation.

But instead of doing the right, proper, prudent thing these 27 Senators opted to bend to the will of the Washington establishment, the DC ruling class, and did what spineless, gutless, weak knead Republican moderates do when faced with the option of doing the right thing or keeping the status quo, they went with the status quo.


Almost to a man and women these 27 Republican sell outs should be publicly tarred and feathered, ran out of office, and be forever shamed for this vote.

The list of now infamous Republicans, nearly all of whom the conservative base should never again trust on any issue, are;

Not Voting At All:

Jeff Flake-Arizona

Orrin Hatch-Utah

Voting For Cloture and thus the funding of Obamacare:

Lamar Alexander-Tennessee

Kelly Ayotte-New Hampshire


Roy Blunt-Missouri


Burr-North Carolina

Saxby Chambliss-Georgia

Chiesa-New Jersey

Dan Coats-Indiana

Tom Coburn-Oklahoma


Susan Collins-Maine

Bob Corker-Tennesse

John Cornyn-Texas

Lindsey Graham-South Carolina

Hoeven-North Dakota



Ron Johnson-Wisconsin

Mark Kirk-Illinois

John McCain-Arizona

Mitch McConnell-Kentucky

Lisa Murkowski-Alaska

Thune-South Dakota


(Right Scoop has a full roll call vote breakdown including the 19 Senate Republicans that stood firm with Ted Cruz and the defunding effort)

Those on that list whose Senate seats are up in 2014 must face strong conservative/Tea Party primary opponents.


Since Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell is on this list I highly recommend that Monday morning he resign from that leadership post and let either Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, or Rand Paul become the new leader of the Senate Republicans.  This whole effort to defund Obamacare, along with tons more, is proof positive that Senator McConnnell is a weak, pathetic, down right worthless excuse for a leader while Lee, Cruz, and Paul have proven themselves to be leaders among a bunch of nincompoop.

Senator Ted Cruz filibustered for more than 21 hours so that more than anything else his fellow Republicans in the Senate would listen to the American people and use every tool at their disposal to stop and defund Obamacare.

Those 27 Senators listed above were not listening to Ted Cruz, or to you.

Now they are going to have to face the consequences(I.e. being primaried and voted out of office) for voting to allow Obamacare to live on.