Rockford Tea Party Leader Looks To Primary Boehner Yes Man Rep. Adam Kinzinger

David Hale

During the 2010 and 2012 election cycles Tea Party candidates across the country have been changing the political conversation and holding both the Republican and Democrat Parties accountable for the states this country finds itself in.

Rockford Tea Party coordinator and Army veteran David Hale is ready to continue that in 2014 as he seeks to primary Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger in the 16th congressional district.

In recent weeks congressman Kinzinger has taken a not so veiled swipe at Texas Senator Ted Cruz, strongly supported military intervention in Syria, and balked at the idea of using the Continuing Resolution as a means and an oppurtunity to defund Obamacare only to reverse course and vote for such a CR.

Nationally syndicated talk radio show host Mark Levin had some very strong words for Kinzinger for all of that during one of his recent monologues.

In a recent interview Hale talked about his candidacy.

Q: After initially opting against running against Kinzinger you’ve said and written that Kinzinger’s support for military action in Syria is what changed you’re mind about running, please explain that and why you’re opposed to intervention in Syria.

Hale: I had only been thinking about running for Congress and had been putting the buzz out there for some time and has not made a complete decision because a number of factors had not yet crystallized. There wasn’t a big outpouring against Kinzinger. I have been going at this for four years hard and was tired and I didn’t know if this was something that was winnable. Yet through this all my principles were steering me and I continued to feel compelled deeply that Kinzinger was the wrong man for this job and that someone needed to step up and if no body would then why not me. After throwing peanuts from the gallery for years I felt compelled to do more than be just a critic but to be a voice and a vote a real live note this time that was a true reflection of the 16th CD Constituency. The Syrian debacle pushed me over the final line or edge if you would because I knew for so many reasons that it was the absolute wrong choice and that wise choices were not being made and that I could no longer stand on the sidelines while that happened.

Q: Kinzinger did not want to support efforts to defund Obamacare in the continuing resolution, he says it is a matter of tactics, what would you do about Obamacare as a member of Congress?

Hale: Of course Kinzinger won’t do that which the leadership doesn’t tell him to do. He is yessing his way through Congress and through law making and thus impeding the needed reforms our federal government needs. Of course he reversed his decision this week when the pressure was applied by conservatives and the Republican leadership decided to listen. I believe the Republican leadership has a more insidious reason for reversing course on Obamacare though. They are counting on a defeat in the Senate and thus will be able to go back to their constituency to tell them…see we told you it would fail.

Q: Club for Growth and other conservative groups are openly interested in backing a primary challenger to Kinzinger such as yourself what kind of coalition are you looking to build to unseat an incumbent and how do you plan to overcome Kinzinger’s nearly half million dollar war chest.

Hale: With Principled conservative message. I believe it will resonate even if I don’t spend half a million dollars. I believe people are thirsty for leaders who reflect them. They are hungry for a message that inspired them and that message must be a conservative message without reservation without doublespeak and double talk. When people see and hear a true conservative they will make a choice. They want a true conservative who not only understand the importance of hard work to get where you want to be but understand deep compassion for those who struggle to achieve their own success. I have been on both sides of the success paradigm from utter failure to inspired success. I have walked in the moccasins of the homeless I was once homeless. I have walked in the moccasins of the overtaxed. I have walked in the moccasins of the graduate struggling to pay ton heavy student loans. My message is clear. Conservatism ultimately wins.

Q: You gained national exposure a few years ago when you caught a couple of Wisconsin state Senators hiding out in Rockford during their battle with Scott Walker, until this past month no one outside the 16th CD had heard of Kinzinger what kind of role do you see name recognition playing in th race?

Hale: I believe a name associated with true conservatism unabashed and unafraid conservatism that stands for conservative principles will overcome the name recognition deficit there might be.

Q: As an active part of the primary battle last time between Kinzinger and former congressman Don Manzullo what lessons have you learned from Manzullo’s loss?

Hale: Don’t be afraid to take your opponent on right where he is. Don’t be afraid to rise to your opponent’s most diabolical challenges. Make your case with passion with inspired reality and with a cohesive conservative message. Bring a real vision and don’t just attack your opponents weaknesses. Vision Wins.

Q: As a bona fide Tea Partier what kind of changes do you want to see made in Washington?

Hale: We have to at least begin to unravel some of the integrated widespread corruption. We have to reduce government’s intrusions into our lives. We have to make government more efficient and smaller.

Q: What kind of issues do you have with Kinzinger’s voting record?

Hale: For a clear picture of his voting record please see Heritage Action. I have more problems with his lack of a record. After 3 years in DC he has failed to bring a concrete conservative message to Washington DC and has failed to address our 17 trillion dollar in debt and 400 billion yearly in interest payments on that debt. In 3 years on both the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Energy Policy Committee he has had sub par performances in steering foreign policy with new ideas and steering energy policy with new ideas or even using tried and true ideas to force the Obama Administration to comply with an America First Energy Policy or Foreign Policy. His lack of a real record surpasses his already poor voting record.

You can learn more about Hale’s candidacy at his campaign website, here.