Mark Levin Rips Rep. Adam Kinzinger: "He Detest The Conservative Base"

Rep. Adam Kinzinger
Rep. Adam Kinzinger

On his program Tuesday night nationally syndicated talk show host Mark Levin ripped into Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger over his recent actions which included attacking Texas Senator Ted Cruz, refusing to support efforts to defund Obamacare, and being a cheerleader for military action in Syria.

Levin would say:

Adam Kinzinger, Air Force vet, 2010 Tea Party candidate.  Tea Party Republican primary candidate.  The Tea Party went full-bore to get this man elected.  No sooner did he get elected he dove right into the cesspool that is Washington and now he’s all over TV because he got a great column by the detestable radical leftist Dana Milbank in the Washington Compost praising him for attacking Ted Cruz. Praising him for standing up to Mark Levin and Glen Beck. Praising him because he’s taken that RINO tag baby and he’s saying challenge me.  He’s telling the Tea Party in his district to go for it.

I detest people like this guy.  Not for his military service of course, but for his deceit as a politician.There he was on one or two of the Sunday shows then he’s on cable TV.  The man’s made a name for himself…not because he stood up on principle, not because he stared down the President of the United States when he was wrong, but because he’s sell out and they want to promote him.  Look at this we’re gonna give him positive media inside the beltway.  We’re gonna give him cover and he also doesn’t support quote unquote defunding Obamacare down the line the guy.  He’s now Cantor’s lap dog and Cantor backed him in a primary against a real conservative(Don Manzullo) last time around and he won.  So now he’s cocky you see now the people who sent him to Washington in the first place, who fought for him and muscled through the primary process to support him out of now where now he detest them.  He detest the conservative base just as Boehner does.

David Hale
David Hale

Rockford Tea Party leader David Hale has announced his intention to challenge Kinzinger in the March 2014 Republican primary for Illinois’ 16th congressional district.

Washington Post-Adam Kinzinger, bucking the RINO charge

Kinzinger at an August town hall meeting getting into it with a member of the Tea Party over defunding Obamacare.

Kinzinger earlier this month pimping war against Syria.

As a resident and voter of the 16th CD I have never liked nor supported Adam Kinzinger. I was disgusted by the way Kinzinger attacked some of my friends when they backed former congressman Don Manzullo in the 2012 primary. I’ve been annoyed to say the least by Kinzinger’s unwillingness to fight to defund Obamacare and his support for military action in Syria is appalling.

Here is to hoping my buddy David Hale kicks Kinzinger’s ass in the spring.