We Can't Fight Now: The Motto Of the French Republicans

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The French Republicans, the moderate to liberal GOP establishment, the old guard, the political class have a motto that completely encapsulates their mindset, we can’t fight now.

We have been told by those who don’t want to defund Obamacare for years now that the Republican Party, conservatives, and the Tea Party can’t fight or take a stand time after time.  Whether it is cutting out some money from Obamacare’s implementation as soon as the GOP class of 2010 was seated, or the debt limit, or the Continuing Resolution last year(or the year before that), or the fiscal cliff the French Republicans continually echo the same tune; don’t fight now we will have a stronger hand next time and next time we will fight to the death to get what we want done legislatively and politically.

And true to form each time that next hill they have sworn to fight and die on comes up the French Republicans surrender in defeat and tell those conservatives and Tea Partiers who do want to fight they are wrongheaded to do so.

With Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio leading the fight along side 80 House Republicans to defund Obamacare in the upcoming Continuing Resolution the French Republicans are out in force making sure that their efforts are scuttled before the battle even truly begins.

For the third or fourth time now PJ Media’s Rick Moran has written an article lambasting the effort to defund Obamacare effectively saying that since the French Republicans, the old guard, don’t want to fight now no one should fight.  Just pass a Continuing Resolution that funds all of the government and Obamacare because we have no stomach for battling President Obama and Harry Reid right now on the issue of Obamacare.  That is the contention of the French Republicans and it is a contention that is going to cost the American people dearly; more unemployment, more workers forced into part-time, more Americans losing their health care, higher cost for health care, and on and on.

But, don’t worry the French Republicans who were out and about on the Sunday morning talk shows have vowed to fight to the death in a couple of months when the debt limit comes up and then they will fight tooth and nail to defund Obamacare.

Just like with budget, debt limit, continuing resolution, and fiscal battles before I can guarantee you what the French Republicans will be saying about defunding Obamacare come November when the debt limit is set to officially reached.  They will say we can’t fight on that issue right now Obama and Reid hold all the power and all the cards.  If we fight we will lose so lets bide our time and we really will fight to rid the nation of Obamacare next time.

This French Republicanism and surrender or defeatist mentality is doing this nation great harm and is driving the Republican base away and into the camp of those who want to start a third party(never mind that we already have a third party and a fourth; Libertarian and Green).

We don’t need any of that what we need is a Republican Party with a backbone and some guts.  We need people with courage like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee willing to fight for what we believe in.

We cannot wait for the time and circumstances to be just right for the French Republicans to finally want to fight on this or any other issue.  We have to take the fight to Harry Reid and President Obama.

But then again fighting just isn’t in the nature of the French Republicans is it.