Since When Did Illinois Become France

Flag Pin American-French-1_300pxI have spent all of my 30 years of life living in the state of Illinois and yet somewhere along the line my beloved home state has become France.

Just as French law enforcement over the years has been unable to do much of anything when young Muslim mobs go on a rampage the Chicago police and Cook County sheriff’s department can’t seem to do anything to stop the violence being committed by black and Latino gang members on a daily basis that has turned the city of Chicago into a war zone worse than Afghanistan.  Chicago’s crime problem is made even worse by the groups of African-American teenagers who rob and assault people all across the city from the Gold Coast to the Mag Mile to even the cities trains.  Incident after incident of young black teens beating people up and robbing them occurs and yet city leaders can’t manage to do one thing to stop this or the gang problem that plagues the city.

What really has me wondering when my home state became France is the way elected Illinois Republican lawmakers act.  On issue after issue we are seeing Illinois Republicans cave and surrender as if they got their political acumen and lessons in strategy straight from France’s national war college.

Take Obamacare for example.  The American people hate the law.  Our nation’s economy is suffering because of it.  The work week is shrinking because of it which in turn is driving us toward being a nation of part-time workers.  Doctors, hospitals, and insurance providers can’t stand, let alone work, within the frame-work of the law.  The state exchanges aren’t ready to go.  Half of Obamacares deadlines have been blown.  And every promise President Obama and the Democrats made to the American people in the lead up to its passage has been proven to be false.

Despite all of that only Illinois congressman Randy Hultgren has signed on to the effort being led by Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio to defund Obamacare in the upcoming Continuing Resolution.  Senator Mark Kirk was onboard early on but he dropped off and no amount of lobbying so far by Illinois residents to change his mind has worked.  Congressman Peter Roskam, Aaron Schock, and Adam Kinzinger are all dead set against the idea of even trying to defund Obamacare because they are terrified of the idea of being blamed for any potential government shutdown.  Congressman Rodney Davis wants to defund Obamacare but he to is fearful of a government shutdown.  Meanwhile Congressman John Shimkus appears to be in the witness protection program.

With the exception of Hultgern every last Republican lawmaker in Congress from the state of Illinois has surrendered on the issue of defunding before even engaging in the fight. What is worse is that they are naysayers to those who do want to fight on the issue of defunding Obamacare.  And that right there more than anything makes me wonder when Illinois became a part of France.

If we don’t fight to defund Obamacare in the Continuing Resolution this disastrous law will continue to move forward harming our nations economy and health care system.  It will become yet another entitlement that we may never be able to rid ourselves off.

Ronald Reagan once said, “a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth”.  That is going to be especially true of Obamacare unless we defund it now.

It isn’t just our Republicans in Congress that makes me think Illinois was annex by France our state Republican lawmakers do a lot to reinforce that sentiment.

State Senator Bill Brady could have become Governor in 2010 but he was, displaying true French colors, afraid to fight for votes in and around the city of Chicago.

The Republican Party is supposed to be the party the supports the rule of law and yet 11 Republicans in the state House voted to allow illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses in this state they were joined by 9 Republicans in the state Senate that voted to do the same including Senate minority leader Christine Radogno, and Senators Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard both of whom want to be the GOP nominee for Governor next year.

We have also had Republicans like former Governor Jim Edgar, Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka, and former state party chairman Pat Brady abandon the state and national Republican Party platform and supported same-sex marriage.

Even in elections former IL GOP chairman Pat Brady along with House minority leader Tom Cross and Senate minority leader Christine Radogno who headed up each chambers Republican election operations couldn’t find the courage or will to fight in even one state race for the last two election cycles.  Candidate after candidate has publicly and privately complained that the IL GOP and the House and Senate election teams wouldn’t fund hardly any candidates, let alone muster a candidate to challenge the Democrats in dozens of House and Senate districts across the state from Chicago to Rockford.

If those Republicans surrendering and retreating on those important issues isn’t a display of quintessential French behavior don’t worry there is always Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner and all the money he and his wife have given to Democrat candidates like Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and far left liberal causes like Emily’s List to talk about.

I don’t know the exact date my beloved home state became France, I don’t know why the Illinois Republican Party is filled with French Republicans.

I do know that unless conservatives and Tea Party patriots rise to power this whole state will collapse and the city of Chicago will make Detroit look like an example of good governance.

I mean it shouldn’t be that hard to beat back these French Republicans who are sitting idly by as the Democrats take us over the edge of the cliff, if they won’t fight for any of the above, what makes you think they will fight to keep control of the IL GOP.  Fighting just isn’t in the nature.